Aaron Rodgers might want to skip Mark Murphy’s latest Packers update


Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy can’t help but do the wrong thing when it comes to Aaron Rodgers, even when he’s right. 

It’s hard not to feel a little bad for Mark Murphy.

No matter what the Green Bay Packers president does when it comes to Aaron Rodgers, everyone thinks he’s doing the wrong thing.

In his last Q&A column for Packers fans, Murphy called Rodgers a ‘complicated fella’ when giving an update on where things stand in the Cold War with the franchise’s MVP quarterback.

To the surprise of no one other than Murphy, that comment sent everyone into a frenzy and only served to make the drama seem even worse than it was before.

It appears Murphy learned his lesson.

In his latest Packers update, Murphy didn’t make a single mention of Rodgers or the ongoing standoff the two sides have been engaged in since April.

This, of course, is being interpreted as the wrong thing to have done. PFT took him to task for seemingly learning from his mistake, and some Packers fans are roasting him for his lack of awareness. There’s no winning if you’re Mark Murphy, apparently.

Not all Packers fans are mad at Murphy. The pendulum is swinging away from Rodgers more and more, as fans loyal to the franchise are growing sick and tired of Rodgers seemingly attacking them while attacking the franchise.

Murphy pretending the Rodgers drama doesn’t exist isn’t a sign of weakness, or the wrong move to make. It’s the Green Bay Packers, and the franchise is bigger than its quarterback. Whether or not the franchise as a whole is better than its quarterback is a different debate, but Murphy is running an organization and not managing a single person — no matter how important they are to the success of the whole.

Here’s the other thing: What purpose would be served by Murphy mentioning Rodgers in his update? If there’s anything to update we’re going to hear it somewhere other than a newsletter from the team president. Murphy accurately calling Rodgers ‘complicated’ kicked up an enormous amount of dust, and him avoiding doing that again was the best possible thing he could have done.

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