Amari Cooper schooling Micah Parsons in chess is hilarious (Video)


Cowboys rookie Micah Parsons learned the hard way that he should never call out veteran wide receiver Amari Cooper about anything. 

Being a first-round pick, you already know that former Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons has arrived to the Dallas Cowboys with plenty of swagger. He’s got high expectations and has all the confidence in the world. Don’t tell that to Amari Cooper, though.

Apparently, Parsons had been calling out the superstar wideout about going head-to-head in a game of chess. Cooper of course wasn’t going to back down from a challenge like this. The result? Well, Parsons now knows Cooper is always going to be ready to take him to school.

Amari Cooper owning Micah Parsons in chess is hilarious to see

Everything about that video above is priceless. Parsons thought he was going to have a field day with Cooper. He probably already had his Twitter and Instagram captions set up to try and troll his new teammate.

Instead, Cooper took Parsons down with ease and left the youngster speechless in the process. Who knew Cooper was at good at chess as he is making opposing defensive backs look nothing short of silly on Sundays in the fall.

For Parsons, this was a massive piece of humble pie that he’s going to have to take in stride. Cooper has probably won over the locker room for reminding Parsons and the rest of the rookies on the roster that the veterans are the ones who dominate things for this team.

Once the season does arrive, the two will be focused on helping the Cowboys get back to the postseason. Until then, Parsons would be wise to put the chess board away and not even think about bringing it back out.

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