Colin Cowherd takes absurd shot at Aaron Rodgers for no reason (Video)


With the Aaron Rodgers drama still ongoing with the Green Bay Packers, Colin Cowherd has stepped in and trolled the superstar quarterback. 

No one knows what will happen with Aaron Rodgers this season and the Green Bay Packers. Will he end up playing in 2021? Honestly, that’s clear as mud. With this, TV personalities are using it as an excuse to try and bring the future Hall-of-Famer down.

The most recent guy to do so is the one and only Colin Cowherd. This week, the veteran host blasted Rodgers for how he’s handled things, of course using Tom Brady as a reference. He can’t be serious here.

Colin Cowherd taking a shot at Aaron Rodgers was totally absurd

Cowherd really has to be kidding. He called out Rodgers for taking the Jordan Love news hard? Has Cowherd forgotten that Rodgers came out and said that he has no issues with Love or any of his teammates? It’s not that the Packers used a first-round pick on Love. More, Rodgers’ beef with the team is that there’s no clear philosophy.

Per Adam Schefter, Green Bay offered Rodgers a two-year extension that would have made him the highest-paid player in the NFL. He turned that down. What does that tell you? Clearly, it’s not about the money for Rodgers.

More, he wants this team to be in the best position to win a Super Bowl. That matters more to him than more millions of bucks for his bank account. Rodgers could end up retiring for all we know, or sit out the 2021 campaign.

Soon enough, we may have our answer to what the future holds for Rodgers. Until then, people should just hush up and let the man live his life. Cowherd should find something else to talk about too.

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