Dak Prescott not revealing COVID vaccine status: ‘It’s a personal decision’


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will not reveal whether he received the COVID vaccine. 

With Dak Prescott getting ready to return in a big way this upcoming season from his fractured ankle, the star Dallas Cowboys signal-caller is already making headlines leading up to Week 1. That’s because he’s not ready to inform fans whether he’ll be getting vaccinated.

In recent weeks, several players, including former Cowboys teammate Cole Beasley, have blasted the NFL over the rules and regulations being set for players who have been vaccinated compared to those who haven’t. For Prescott, he’s leaving it up in the air whether he’s received the vaccine.

Is Dak Prescott vaccinated?

“It’s not necessarily something I’d like to share or something I’d like to promote or say ‘hey, you should, you shouldn’t,’” Prescott told NBC DFW. “Because when you’re putting in a vaccination, obviously you’re putting something that’s foreign that obviously the experts put together and made the decision that that’s the best way to go about it, but it’s all up to your belief and I’m not the one to try to move people and tell them, ‘hey, you need to do this, you need to do that’ because we all react individual to everything.”

It’s clear Prescott isn’t trying to influence folks whether they should get vaccinated if they haven’t done so already. While this could prove to be controversial, Prescott is adamant he doesn’t want people to take sides.

For him, he’s more focused on getting himself back to full health so he can try and help the Cowboys get back to the postseason next winter. After suffering his injury to the Giants in Week 5 of 2020, it was obvious just how much Dallas missed Prescott the rest of the way. Looking ahead to ’21, he’ll be hungry to live up to his massive $160 million contract.

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