Eagles get worse news possible on TE Jason Croom


The Philadelphia Eagles may be without tight end Jason Croom for the rest of the season now.

It’s always something with Philadelphia, as the Philadelphia Eagles had a night from hell in their latest preseason debacle of a game.

If losing a meaningless exhibition contest 35-0 was not bad enough, Philadelphia may have lost tight end Jason Croom for the season. Yes, he is only a depth player for The Birds, but absolutely nothing is going right for this team. Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots thoroughly embarrassed Nick Sirianni’s flock of Eagles on national television last night, but at least Ross Tucker was good!

If you are looking for what could be the worst team in the NFC this season, we may have found it.

Philadelphia Eagles fear they may have lost tight end Jason Croom for season

Not only did Croom suffer a bad injury in the preseason loss to the Patriots, it was a ton of Joe Flacco being washed and no Jalen Hurts to be found. A stomach issue kept the former Heisman Trophy runner-up out of the game, but man, he needs those precious preseason reps. This is supposed to be Hurts’ first season as the Eagles’ full-time starter, and he cannot mess this up.

The only positive from the Eagles game besides Tucker’s great work in the booth is that the game is over. When we have more confidence in what Dan Campbell is doing in Detroit than what Sirianni is doing in Philadelphia, the Eagles are going to have a bad time. While they probably will not be Houston Texans bad, they could end up with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Last season may have only been the tip of the iceberg for the Eagles’ current football hellscape.

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