How potentially huge Broncos ownership update impacts Aaron Rodgers trade


With the recent update on their ownership situation, how might the Aaron Rodgers to Broncos rumors be impacted? 

The Denver Broncos ownership situation hasn’t generated news in a while, but this week that changed. A trial scheduled for July 12 was vacated, and the legal proceedings between members of the Bowlen family and the trustees who have been managing the team have been stayed indefinitely.

Two of former owner Pat Bowlen’s children, Amie Klemmer and Beth Bowlen-Wallace, filed a lawsuit seeking the removal of the trustees who have been managing the Broncos for years. Another of Bowlen’s daughters, Brittany Bowlen, has been targeted to take over the team by the trustees. But the other six children must unanimously consent to the appointment (of Brittany or anyone else), and if that hasn’t happened by this point it’s not happening.

It’s early to know what putting a stop to any further legal proceedings means for the ownership of the Broncos. It could mean the team will be put up for sale, or the shares of any Bowlen children who oppose the appointment of one of the others (presumably Brittany) as the lead owner will be bought out.

There’s also this reminder and hypothesis from Ryan O’Halloran of the Denver Post.

Aaron Rodgers to Broncos rumors impacted by ownership drama

One thing that has been kicking around everyone’s head since the April trade request is Aaron Rodgers to Broncos rumors.

Denver has lingered as a rumored trade suitor for Aaron Rodgers. Getting him would of course require the Packers throwing in the towel and trading him, but it’s definitely possible he’s elsewhere by Week 1.

With legalized gambling become more widespread, NFL franchise values will rise. So if someone was going to sell a team, now would be a good time to do it. The Carolina Panthers $2.275 billion to David Tepper a few years ago could look like a drop in the bucket compared to the next sale of a team, and the Broncos look to be first in line to the market.

As Sayre Bedinger of Predominantly Orange pointed out, any estimated value of the Broncos’ franchise does not include having Rodgers as the quarterback. A high-end quarterback is the missing piece of a talent-laden roster right now in Denver, and a possible new owner would surely be drawn to the team if a deal got done to get one.

The long-term on-field outlook would still be a question. But the Broncos would be an instant Super Bowl contender this year if they acquired Rodgers, while also lighting a fire under the asking price for a possible upcoming sale. General manager George Paton may now be under a bit of pressure to re-engage with the Packers and do whatever it takes to bring Rodgers to Denver.

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