J.J. Watt has an important decision to make heading into the NBA Finals (Photo)


Cardinals defensive end J.J. Watt has been rocking gear for both the Suns and Bucks during the playoffs. He needs to pick a side for the NBA Finals.

J.J. Watt has been a prolific NBA fan during the 2021 playoffs. He’s in some trouble now.

Watt has been supporting the Suns and the Bucks this postseason. So immediately after Milwaukee bested the Hawks in Game 6 to advance to the NBA Finals, the questions began popping up.

Who will Watt support now?

Watt even acknowledged the dilemma on Twitter.

Perhaps the solution is a half-and-half hat. People do that all the time with jerseys when their allegiances are split for one reason or another.

Watt could flip a coin before each game. He could switch off from game to game. Or he could just enjoy the ride and be happy with any and all outcomes.

J.J. Watt has ties to the Bucks and Suns that will be tough to break

It could also come down to the power of allegiances. Watt is from Wisconsin. He was born there. He was raised there. He went to college at the University of Wisconsin. The ties to the Bucks go deep.

However, he just signed on with the Arizona Cardinals after years with the Texans. If he wanted to ingratiate himself to his new fanbase, he could go all-in on supporting the Suns despite his roots.

Whatever he decides to do, it should be an exciting week for the NFL star.

The NBA Finals will begin on Tuesday in Phoenix. Then we’ll all find out where Watt’s allegiances have fallen. The basketball world will also find out if Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo will be healthy enough to feature for the start of the series. You decide which question is more important to answer.

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