Listen: Wyatt Teller is still stuffing the Steelers into a locker over the AFC Wild Card game


Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Wyatt Teller is still proudly stuffing the Steelers in a locker over their AFC Wild Card performance. 

For the first time since returning as a franchise in 1999, and for just the second time in 30 years, the Cleveland Browns won a playoff game.

Making it even sweeter was the fact that it came at the expense of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ask a Browns fan who won the Super Bowl last year and almost none of them will care. Beating the Steelers and breaking the playoff curse has fans in Cleveland riding an unbelievable high, and the wave has yet to crest.

Cleveland offensive lineman Wyatt Teller and his wife, Carly, joined the Dawgs of War podcast and talked about that now-infamous AFC Wild Card game.

“When we broke the curse, it was everything,” Teller told the Dawgs of War podcast. “It’d been almost twenty years since we’d gone to the playoffs and then won in the playoffs. It was insane.”

While breaking the curse was an obvious objective, Teller stated that getting fellow offensive lineman Joel Bitonio a long-awaited playoff win was a major motivating factor in the Wild Card round.

In his first 6 seasons with the Browns, including one where he signed an extension rather than leave for another team, Bitonio had only won 24 games in his career. Clevland won nearly half that amount in 2020, something Teller said the entire team was proud of.

But perhaps the sweetest part of anyone involved with the Browns recalling that playoff victory is that it never fails to present an opportunity to troll the Steelers.

“They pooped down their legs and gave us 28-points,” Teller proudly points out before twisting the knife even harder. “[The Steelers] literally gave us 28-points.”

The AFC Wild Card game could end up being more than just a curse-breaking evergreen troll for Browns fans. With Ben Roethlisberger likely in his last year leading the Steelers, it could be the first sign that the guard is changing in the AFC North.

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