Saints DE Cameron Jordan is already trolling new rival Kyle Pitts for his weight


The New Orleans Saints star defensive end Cameron Jordan pokes fun at Atlanta Falcons rookie Kyle Pitts for his small frame as a tight end.

The New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons are bitter rivals. Even though it doesn’t compare to the more memorable NFL rivalries (Pittsburgh Steelers/Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers/Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles/Dallas Cowboys, to name a few), the hate between these clubs is still strong.

There seems to be no love lost between NFC South rivals. Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan took a shot at rookie tight end Kyle Pitts of the Falcons. Atlanta selected him with the No. 4 pick, as his length, catching, and running makes him a unique talent. However, Jordan is more focused on Pitts’ weight than his pass-catching abilities.

Saints DE Cameron Jordan comments about Kyle Pitts frame at tight end

Kyle Pitts should expect to see a lot of Cameron Jordan for the foreseeable future. Not only will he face the Saints twice a year, but he will likely have to block Jordan on some plays. Tight ends and defensive ends usually line up against each other, and the New Orleans star took time to point out how small Pitts looks for a tight end.

“He’s a little light in the a-s to be a tight end,” Jordan said on Bleacher Report Gridiron’s pre-draft show.

According to Sports Reference, he is 6-6 and weighs 245 pounds. Jordan is roughly 40 pounds heavier but is two inches shorter. Nevertheless, the Saints defensive end hopes the rookie tight end doesn’t line up against up, or he could do some serious damage to Atlanta’s first-round pick.

“As long as he is detached from the line and not attached to the line, because then I have to detach him from his body,” Jordan said.

Jordan is a beast at the defensive end spot, so Pitts shouldn’t brush it off even though it was a playful joke. There is a reason why Jordan is a six-time Pro Bowler in the NFL, and it wasn’t by playing nice. Pitts is on track to be a star in Atlanta, but maybe he should get in the weight room before going against Jordan.

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