Sterling Shepard and Troy Hill square off at Giants-Browns joint practice (Video)


The NFL joint practice fight club gained two new members on Friday with New York Giant Sterling Shepard and Cleveland Brown Troy Hill. 

The NFL joint practices have been nothing short of heated and full of hands being thrown. Antonio Brown was the talk of the town on Thursday when he cold-cocked Chris Jackson. It’s not always the best content to hit the airwaves, but when it does, the people love it.

It proves to be a great hint to see what future rivalry arcs we can look for in future regular season matchups. So it looks like we can add one more scuffle to the rivalry. This time we slide over to Berea, Ohio at the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants joint practice, where the bell is ringing for round one.

The Cleveland Browns’ Troy Hill and New York Giants’ Sterling Shepard almost took things from 0 to 100 in a scuffle at their joint practice

Let’s get ready to ruumbleeee! In this corner in the white pants and white compression shirt we have Sterling “Swifty and Shifty” Shepard. In the opposite corner in orange pants and Browns practice jersey is Troy “The Instigator” Hill.

Let’s review the tape.

The latter half of the fight was caught on film, but these two were swinging like a park playground set.

By the end of the mix up, which we see, Hill was over it and Shepard’s teammate, John Ross, got Shepard out of there before it got ugly. Even more interesting, Browns head coach, Kevin Stefanski had no clue that this went down according to AP News. It may be safe to say there won’t be any post-game bonding after this scuffle.

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