Tom Brady crushed Twitter with epic Super Bowl answer


It’s hard to find a player more clever than Tom Brady on the field, and he’s just as sharp on social media as shown in his latest tweet.

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady proved just how much of a mistake it was to write him off last season. When it became apparent Brady was looking to take his talents elsewhere, there was some speculation as to how much the 43-year-old would miss not playing in a Bill Belichick-less Patriots system.

As it turned out Brady still thrived in Tampa Bay, and his team got hot at the perfect time resulting in an eventual Super Bowl victory. The Bucs weren’t the only team going after Brady, and it’s said he’ll dive into that topic a bit this Friday on the newest episode of The Shop on HBO. 

The preview has been built up so much to the point it’s got media outlets wondering which teams Brady may have been hinting towards before he signed with Tampa Bay.

Bleacher Report asked their fans to weigh-in on which team had the best shot to win with Brady last season, and the seven-time Super Bowl champ shared his thoughts.

Assuming their intention with that question was to ask which team “not including the Bucs”, that’s how it should’ve been worded. The Twittersphere is full of accounts waiting to pick apart tweets like that, and that was a softball toss to someone like Brady who is back on the sports summit.

Tom Brady weighs-in on which team had the best chance to win a Super Bowl with him.

Now could one of those other teams have won a championship just because they had Brady? Maybe, or maybe not because obviously there’s a lot that needs to go right and certain pieces that have to fall in place. Still, it’s funny to have Brady chime in.

When he speaks, or does anything really, people will turn to listen. It’s the results of winning and being a national icon across three decades of sports. It’s similar to Michael Jordan, where people will still stop at any news or comments related to him even though he’s well passed his playing days.

It comes with being the greatest of all time in what you do. The scary part with Brady is he still looked like he was in peak form during the final stretch of games last season.

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no question the Super Bowl runs through Brady and the Buccaneers this season.

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