Video: Did Davante Adams just reveal his plan to leave the Packers in 2022?



After a Davante Adams tweet that sent Packers fans into a spiral, the wide receiver may have just revealed his plan to leave Green Bay.

To say it’s been a rough offseason for Green Bay Packers fans is to undersell just how tumultuous it’s been.

It all started with the soul-crushing NFC Championship Game loss to the Buccaneers, which dovetailed into Aaron Rodgers requesting a trade and refusing to play another down for the Packers. Add to that the constant barrage of Aaron Rodgers rumors, including the man himself taking shots at his head coach and the front office, and the downward spiral because both incredibly easy to see and hard for fans to bear.

Now Davante Adams is toying with the emotions of those in Dairyland.

Back when the Rodgers rumors went from a smolder to a raging inferno, Adams hinted at an unwillingness to stay in Green Bay if Rodgers isn’t around. That thread continues to get picked at, from a cryptic tweet he posted to an interview he did where he not-so-subtly outlined where his football future might take him.

Spoiler alert: It’s not Green Bay.

Davante Adams tweet might have been about playing with Derek Carr

The cryptic tweet sent everyone into investigation mode to try and figure out what it meant. It turns out that it could have been in reference to what Adams said in an interview with Bri Mellon of ABC30 in Fresno.

In that interview, Adams reminisced about his college days and stated that it’d be a dream to play with Derek Carr once again.

“Obviously it’d be a dream to play with him, but I’m a Packer now. So until that point when we make that decision, we’ll see what happens.”

The collateral damage from the Packers ongoing war with Rodgers can’t be measured yet, but it’s becoming clear that players like Adams aren’t going to sacrifice their careers to be a part of it.  Adams is an unrestricted free agent after the upcoming season and the longer the drama and uncertainty continues the more likely it is that Adams will leave in free agency.

The scenario that’s being set up is this: Does Adams want to play with Jordan Love or Derek Carr?

Adams has already made his answer clear, which sets up a situation where he leaves in free agency to sign with the Raiders on a big contract we all know Jon Gruden would be itching to give him.

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