Watch: Jenny Taft rips Skip Bayless for criticizing Mike McCarthy’s weight


FS1’s Jenny Taft put Skip Bayless in his place after he criticized Mike McCarthy’s weight.

Jenny Taft was not having at when her Undisputed co-host Skip Bayless criticized Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy‘s weight.

Bayless’ beloved Cowboys are the team being featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks this season. When he made an off-hand comment about the Cowboys head coach’s weight on set, Taft lost it. She said how does one’s weight matter when it comes to if he or she is a good coach or not? All the while, Shannon Sharpe sat there awkwardly on the set in complete silence. Happy Wednesday!

This is the craziest thing to happen on Undisputed since Julio Jones said he wanted out of Atlanta.

Jenny Taft destroys Skip Bayless of his Mike McCarthy weight comments

While Taft has long been one of the most beloved people in sports media, everybody on Twitter loved seeing her put Bayless in his place over his asinine McCarthy commentary.

Her response to Bayless’ comments got the attention of everybody from Katie Nolan to Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.

Ultimately, McCarthy will be judged by his win-loss record in Dallas, and not by his weight. Surely, Cowboys fans would rather see their head coach hoist a Lombardi Trophy next to Dak Prescott than to see him on the cover of GQ. The Cowboys may be a bit of a glamor franchise, but McCarthy and everybody involved should be in the business of winning games, not looking good on camera.

Bayless was back on his B.S. and Taft called him out on it to everybody’s enjoyment on Twitter.

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