Watch: Tom Brady tried to raise his speed rating in Madden22, it was an epic fail


Tom Brady failed epically when it came to increasing his Madden22 speed rating.

Tom Brady may have well over 1,000 career rushing yards, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is not getting a boost in his Madden22 speed rating after his latest assessment.

Brady may have the need for speed, but it was mostly knees and elbows when trying to improve his speed rating of 60 in front of NFL legend Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. With thoughts of a cheetah and a racecar firmly in his mind, all Brady could do was run faster than most soon-to-be 44-year-old men to maintain his Madden22 speed rating of 60. He did not pass the assessment.

Brady tweeted he is truly thankful he gets paid the big bucks to throw the ball for a living.

Tom Brady does not have what it takes to improves his Madden22 speed rating

The good news for Brady is he is only 39 points off Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill for the fastest in the game. You can literally get at Hill on Twitter by typing in cheetah, but Brady will be left in the dust by the fastest player on the team his Buccaneers beat in Super Bowl 55. Brady might be on the cover of Madden22 with Patrick Mahomes, but he will finish second in a foot race.

Though it has not happened since the early 1990s, Brady’s Buccaneers and Mahomes’ Chiefs are favored to meet once again in Super Bowl 56 in Los Angeles. Kansas City has won the AFC the last two seasons. Tampa Bay ended a decade-plus postseason drought by navigating the NFC Playoffs to perfection en route to the Super Bowl. Brady was the Buccaneers’ guiding light a season ago.

While he is a seven-time Super Bowl champion, Brady admits defeat when it comes to foot speed.

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