What is the Kansas City Chiefs alternate helmet?


The Kansas City Chiefs have long worn the arrowhead on their helmet, but what is their alternative helmet option, if they even have one?

NFL teams and fans have something to look forward to for the 2022 season. Last week, the league announced that clubs could start using alternative helmets that season, opening the door for the return of throwback uniforms. So many iconic throwbacks could return to the field, and the Kansas City Chiefs — do they have throwback uniforms?

The Chiefs have worn the arrowhead as their logo for quite some time, and we have never really seen their throwback uniforms. With the new helmet rule in place, does the team have an alternative they could switch to in 2022 if they wanted?

What is the Kansas City Chiefs alternate helmet?

It’s not often you see the Chiefs wear anything but the arrowhead version of their helmet, but they do have an alternative version. The Kansas City Chiefs alternate helmet has the state of Texas on it with a star representing the capital, Dallas. This goes back to the days when the Chiefs were the Dallas Texans before the AFL-NFL merger in 1970.

The team has worn these helmets sparingly since then. The last time they showcased their alternative helmets was in 2009 against the then-Oakland Raiders in the AFL Legacy Game, according to ChiefsWire. That is really the only time the team wears their secondary helmets, as they have stuck by the arrowhead logo for a while.

With the new helmet rule, Kansas City could bring this helmet out of retirement. However, does it make much sense given their team isn’t in the same state the helmet depicts? Maybe they can come up with a better alternative helmet design that captures the franchise better. Who knows what the Chiefs will do, but their alternative helmet is an option for the 2022 season.

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