Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 3-01-21: Is Sami Innocent?


Of course, Sami is the Salem PD’s top suspect in Charlie’s murder.

She was in his apartment for no reason — washing her hands, no less — and in flashback, we learned she stood over his body with a gun and said he deserved to die.

But usually, the first suspect on soaps is the wrong person. And judging from the spoiler video for Days of Our Lives during the week of 3-01-21, that might be the case this time too.

In one clip, Rafe challenges Belle’s claim that Sami is innocent by asking why Sami’s fingerprints are on the gun.

There are two possible explanations for that, though.

  1. Sami picked up the gun after someone else used it.
  2. The gun found by Charlie’s body is not the murder weapon.

The first possibility seems more likely, though this is Days of Our Lives, so anything is possible.

Touching a murder weapon after it’s been used is sheer idiocy, and Sami is not stupid. But she might have done it on purpose.

If, as I’ve theorized before, Sami is covering for someone else, she would have picked up the gun to make sure the cops suspected her instead of that person.

The only thing that doesn’t make sense is why she would fight the charges, though maybe it would look suspicious and out of character if she didn’t.

In addition to the murder investigation story, the spoiler video has a clip welcoming veteran actress Jackee Harry to Days of Our Lives! Harry will play Lani’s Aunt Paulina, and she seems ready to stir up trouble.

If none of that is to your liking, there’s still the Brady/Kristen/Chloe/Susan storyline and Evan trying to kill Ben. Scroll on for all of our Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 3-01-21!

Lani becomes suspicious of “Kristen.”

Good. Susan is not doing a great job of pretending to be Kristen, and if Lani doesn’t see through it, there’s something wrong with her.

After all, Lani is so close with Kristen that sometimes it seems like they’re more like lovers than friends.

And Susan has already slipped up a bunch of times, including claiming that her child is in Rome, Italy, rather than across town at Marlena’s!

Chloe questions “Susan’s” behavior.

This should have happened already, considering how “Susan” harped on Chloe being responsible for Brady’s injuries and hyperfocused on seeing baby Rachel.

Better late than never, though. The spoiler video shows that “Susan’s” reaction to Chloe giving Brady a muffin opens Chloe’s eyes.

It’ll be fun if Chloe and Lani unmask their person’s fake identity simultaneously, too.

Lani introduces Abe and Eli to her Aunt Paulina.

This should be great!

Aunt Paulina seems ready to stir up trouble with Abe, and a blurb in TV Guide suggests she has other enemies in town.

Her presence also adds to Salem’s diversity, along with the Black cultural additions Sal Stowers and Lamon Archey made to Lani and Eli’s wedding and life in general.

Could the Carvers/Prices become a more central family in Salem now that Aunt Pauline has arrived?

Chloe advises Sarah not to marry Xander.

Chloe, why is this your business?

The two will probably exchange harsh words, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Sarah accuses Chloe of being a hypocrite trying to steal Brady from Kristen.

I’m also betting on Philip coming along at the right moment to break up the fight.

After all, the Phloe storyline can’t be limited to one kiss that Chloe pulled away from. Right?

Abigail and Gabi kidnap Gwen!

So far, this is my least favorite spoiler for the week of 4-01-21.

I hate Gwen too, and I’m especially irked that a legacy character was killed off for no good reason.

But kidnapping her is not the way to go, and I hate this de-evolution of Abigail’s character.

And we all know Abby will get off scot-free once she’s caught because she’s Salem’s Golden Girl who can do no wrong, thus proving Gwen’s point.

Steve and Kayla have an awkward encounter with Bonnie and Justin.

Yay for Steve and Kayla having screentime. Boo for it involving Bonnie and Justin.

There shouldn’t be any awkwardness unless Bonnie starts up with Kayla about having thrown away a great man to go back to Steve.

Of course, the spoiler video suggests Bonnie is suspicious of what Gabi and Abigail are up to, so maybe she tries to get Steve involved in an investigation that he and Kayla want no part of.

Sami tries to persuade Belle to represent her.

Belle might be reluctant because of the whole Jan Spears debacle during her last try at helping her sister.

But apparently, Sami succeeds since Belle argues with Rafe about Sami’s guilt.

There’s a hell of a lot more justification to assuming Sami’s guilt, considering her track record, than there ever was when Tripp was the town pariah. But I feel most of Salem will owe Sami an apology before this is over.

John fears he may have gone too far.

John’s potential second aneurysm offers Sami’s defense the gift of reasonable doubt.

That’s great, soapy drama if Sami goes to trial.

Would Belle point the finger at her father to get Sami off? Probably not, but I’d bet anything Sami will want her to!

Anyway, it’s unlikely that John did it either. Days of Our Lives is pushing too hard to make him look guilty for him to be anything but innocent.

Evan informs Ciara of his deadly plans for Ben.

Ugh. This Ben/Ciara storyline is an annoying distraction from more interesting things.

Of COURSE, Evan wants to kill Ben. Ben and Ciara are always about how someone will resort to attempted murder to keep them apart as a general rule.

And we’re in for more ridiculous psychic visions with this, as a spoiler clip depicts Ciara sobbing while reading a news headline claiming that Ben has been killed in an accident.

Kate and Jake get a win over Philip and Gabi.

I have no use for these CEO war storylines and less for Gabi and Philip trying to out-obnoxious each other.

But even this is better than the Ciara storyline!

I wonder what kind of win Kate and Jake get. Undoubtedly Gabi will turn to Philip sexually to try to throw a monkey wrench in things now.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

  • What are you looking forward to?
  • What are your theories about who killed Charlie?
  • What do you think will happen on Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-01-21?

Hit that big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know your thoughts!

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