The Resident Round Table: Conrad Insight, Cain Fatigue, and Supporting the KitBell Agenda!


We got a peek into Conrad’s past on The Resident Season 4 Episode 7, and we want more.

Conrad got some closure and buried his guilt after having a conversation with his commanding officer, Cain is in a worse-off condition than he imagined, and Mina flew solo for the first time.

Join TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Meaghan Frey, and Rachel Foertsch as they discuss all of that and much more!

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Do you feel like you have a better understanding of Conrad after learning about his past with Nate? Did this satisfy your curiosity about this aspect of his life?

Carissa: I’m still curious because I think war defines you in ways that will be far more significant than one encounter can describe. I’m glad it happened now since it gives Nic a better understanding of her husband.

I’m shocked that Conrad kept that tucked away inside of him for so long. It does help explain why he’ll go to the ends of the earth for people he loves. He doesn’t want to feel that guilt again.

Meaghan: I definitely want to see more about Conrad’s past. His military background has influenced so much of who he is as both a person and a doctor today.

I think we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface, and I’m here for it.

I’ve always been fascinated by doctors who previously served in the military. Storylines about it on other shows like The Night Shift and Grey’s Anatomy always managed to elevate characters. Here’s to hoping this was just the start.

Rachel: I always want to learn more about Conrad, and this episode made it clear that there’s so much we still don’t know.

The only way to satisfy my curiosity about Conrad would be a 30 year long documentary of his life. He’s such a layered character who represses a lot, so I’m not sure if we’ll ever run out of things to discover about him.

How do you feel about Mina flying solo and AJ officially cutting the mentor strings?

What do you think the future holds for them and her immigration status?

Carissa: I can’t even harbor a guess about her immigration status. TV shows in 2021 often have underlying reasons for those stories, so I’m going to refrain from trying to imagine where they’ll go.

But it was the right time to cut Mina’s strings, especially given their relationship. She’s strong on her own, for sure, but even if she weren’t, AJ shouldn’t be the person holding the reins any longer.

Meaghan: Is it weird that I honestly forgot that their relationship was mentor/mentee because for so long their partnership has felt like equals?

Mina is extremely capable, and sometimes having that support to fall back on can actually hinder someone’s growth. I think we’ll see Mina flourish now that she has been kicked out of the nest.

I would hope that the more her status as an in-demand physician increases, the more of a case she will have to remain in the country.

With Kit now in charge of the hospital, I think she definitely will try to make a case for her.

Rachel: I think Mina’s been ready for a while. I don’t even remember the last time AJ actually had to correct her on anything.

I’m happy they’re finally bringing that aspect of their relationship to a close.

I had hoped he would finish being her mentor before they started dating, so the timing is weird to me. They would’ve only had to wait for a handful of episodes to put them together, so I don’t understand that choice.

As far as Mina’s immigration status, I have no clue. There are so many different ways they could go with it that I can’t even begin to guess.

Has Devon found the right balance between going above and beyond for his patients and overstepping?

Carissa: Devon was channeling Max from New Amsterdam. His approach is very similar to “how can I help” because it assumes no option is off the table and doesn’t take no for an answer. If someone hasn’t listened to a patient in the past, he’ll be their champion. It’s a nice place for Devon to be after his training and his father’s death.

You couldn’t make the recital, so we brought the recital to you.


Meaghan: Devon is really coming into his own and finding the perfect balance between letting a patient have decision-making power in their care and giving the tough push for what they need.

Let’s be real; like all medical TV shows, Devon still goes way further than any doctor in real life would for their patients.

While the dance students’ scene was beautiful, it was slightly unrealistic, especially when such a big concern about the hospital going public was that they would have less time to focus on individual patients.

Rachel: I’m with Carissa. Devon had some Max Goodwin in him this episode. And to Meaghan’s point, I was in the exact same boat.

I know it’s television, but I couldn’t get over how unrealistic it was to bring the dancers to the hospital.

These doctors are having trouble even seeing all their patients now that Chastain is public, so Devon having time to organize all that made it hard to suspend my disbelief. But, realism aside, it was a sweet gesture, and I don’t see it as overstepping.

He was going above and beyond for someone in his care.

Cain may not be able to perform surgeries again. React!

Carissa: Well, duh. YAY!! I want only the worst Cain.

Meaghan: If he can’t perform surgery again, then do we even need him on the show? I’m sorry, but I’m just not interested in watching Cain figure out how to deal with never being able to perform surgery again. I’m just not emotionally invested enough for that to matter to me.

Rachel: For some reason, The Resident loves Cain, so I’m sure his recovery will be a big plotline. Can Kit just fire him already?

Should Bell give Jake more space? Do you think Jake’s hurt and fear over letting Bell back into his life understandable or annoying?

Carissa: This one is a double-edged sword. Bell cannot give Jake space because I think part of Jake keeping Bell at arm’s length is him daring Bell to prove him different.

If Bell hadn’t listened to Jake’s mother and followed her wishes of staying away from Jake, Jake would have never been let down in the first place.

So does Bell believe Jake when he says to stay away, or is it still the little boy expecting more pain? It’s pretty clear it’s the latter, so I’m glad there was movement here.

Meaghan: I agree with Carissa. Jake is testing Bell. He wants to see whether or not him pushing hard enough will lead to Bell walking away. It’s something we as humans do all the time. We want people to fight for us. I’m fine with their relationship growth being a slow burn because it has quickly become one of my favorite parts of this season.

For what it’s worth, I’m rooting for you.

Greg [to Bell]

Rachel: I’m with everyone else. I’ve been enjoying watching this relationship evolve. Bell earned his redemption, but Jake just wasn’t there to see it.

If Bell were anything like he was on The Resident Season 1 when he was parenting Jake, I wouldn’t believe he was capable of change, either. So I get the place from which Jake is coming.

But since we all know the person Bell is now, it’s hard seeing him in so much emotional pain. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to yell at Jake every time he lays into Bell.

Do you have any other thoughts or observations you’d love to share or any theories, predictions, or hopes for the winter finale?

Carissa: Not a one. I can’t even believe we’re at that point already. It’s arbitrary and weird. I refuse to acknowledge it. Don’t go, The Resident! We’re just getting started!

Meaghan: I’ve got nothing either. Mostly because I don’t feel like there has been one big underlying storyline yet this season, which is kind of bizarre for The Resident since it has relied heavily on that in the past.

It’s refreshing in some sense because sometimes those kinds of storylines can become predictable when you know at the end of the season or midseason they’ll wrap it up with a neat little bow. At the same time, it is a bit jarring to have such a shift in storytelling. So far, I like it, though.

Rachel: The winter finale is next week? Time flies. I honestly can’t think of a single storyline that could come to a head right now. Conrad and Nic have been through enough trauma regarding the baby, and Cain is no longer a threat. Maybe they’ll shock us with something we didn’t see coming.

What was your favorite scene or quote from the hour?

Carissa: “You just did.” What a perfect response to the arse that is Cain demanding to talk to the new CEO. That dude deserves everything he’s getting and more.

If anyone thought that his experience would make him a better person, we just learned that it did not. There is no hope for him. He may not be down and out in AJ’s eyes, but in Carissa’s, he’s over. Kit Voss for the win!

Kit: I should get back to Chastain.
Cain: Tell the new CEO I want to talk to him.
Kit: You just did.

Meaghan: Mine goes to another Kit scene! Kit going to bat for Bell with Jake was such a great moment. Kit and Bell’s relationship has definitely become one of the best parts of the series.

I think her glowing reference made a big difference for Jake. While I do think Jake is just testing Bell’s staying capability, I think he would have been pushing him much further away had it not been for that conversation. It let Bell gain a little bit of ground and just made me love Kit even more.

Rachel: As usual, I’m here to spread the Kit/Bell agenda. I agree with Meaghan. I love how defensive Kit was of Bell, and how willing she was to go to bat for him. I didn’t expect Bell to have a slow burn romance, especially one this good, but here we are.

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The winter finale of The Resident airs Tuesday, March 9 at 8/7c on FOX.

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