Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower


Captain Luthor took a backseat on Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 3, allowing us to delve deeper into the two focal families at the wheel of the series.

We’ll start with the major character development for both Lana and Sarah. It was high time these two characters got more screen time, but I didn’t expect them to realize they are in very similar positions.

Looks can be deceiving, and poor Lana has had a fake smile for several years while her family is slowly imploding.

If you watch Superman & Lois online, you are probably already aware that Lana has been passive, regularly agreeing with Kyle’s bizarre statements, even if you can tell she feels differently.

But now that we know there is trouble in paradise for them, it seems more like Lana has merely been allowing her husband to spew his hatred because she doesn’t want to argue with him.

I can’t even begin to imagine how she truly feels, but she doesn’t want to make the household any tenser for the sake of her two daughters.

That’s pretty tragic, and my one true hope is that she realizes she’s better than Kyle and can forge a path of her own, despite being middle-aged.

I suspect Kyle will find a way to blame Clark when Lana inevitably tells him it’s over, but hopefully, whatever happens, both Lana and Sarah will be happier than they are now.

Jonathan: Okay, so you can hear all the sounds in the world at once?
Clark: It’s more like I can hear every fluctuation in the sonic frequency.
Jonathan: That makes zero sense to me.
Jordan: How do you tell between someone struggling and someone shouting for a taxi?
Clark: Well, it took lots of years of training at the fortress, but that’s where I learned to hone in on certain sounds, like people in distress.
Jonathan: Wait, be for real, though. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever heard.
Lois: Nope, not appropriate.
Jonathan: Be honest, was there nudity involved.
Clark: Maybe when you guys are older.

Sarah struggles to make sense of her emotions, and she’s slowly starting to realize that she’s been making decisions that benefit others and have a detrimental effect on her mental health.

It’s not the type of storyline I would have expected from a Superman TV series, but as I’ve said already, this is not your typical superhero show.

Jordan taking on the football team to silence his bullies allowed him to blow off some steam, but this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Jordan is a fraction of the other boys’ size, and the way he managed to tackle them was extraordinary. That will undoubtedly raise some questions and put the Kents on a collision course with the rising number of supernatural forces in Smallville.

The kids being mad about Clark spying on them was predictable but had Clark not arrived at the school in time, there would have been several witnesses to Jordan’s powers.

Jordan: I would have much rather have super hearing than crazy eyes.
Clark: Hey, let’s just think of calling it heat vision for now, okay? And, don’t be so sure, every power comes with its own burden.
Lois: And responsibilities.
Jordan: Rules.
Clark: Which are meant to protect you.
Jordan: Yeah, don’t use my powers. Don’t draw attention to myself.
Jonathan: Oh, don’t feed him after midnight.
Clark: Hey, it’s important that we don’t draw unnecessary attention to our family.

Clark joining the football team to keep tabs on the kids was a good move, but he’s spreading himself too thin. There will come a time when he needs to exit the football field to save some lives, and the questions will start to mount.

What I appreciated the most about the football storyline is that Jonathan supported Jordan in the end.

Even though Jonathan struggles to find his place in the world after learning about his father and brother’s superhuman strength, he’s allowing his brother to take on the sport he’s known and loved for much longer.

It really drives home the strong bond between the brothers, but I still think using the football as a source to let Jordan get out his rage is a bad idea. Time will tell whether I’m right.

The mystery surrounding Morgan Edge and his band of misfits is moving along nicely, but the scene in the motel fell flat for me.

Lois was backed into a corner, so of course, she would call for some backup, but the way Clark handled the situation seemed a little out of character.

I know extended versions of the episodes hit The CW’s on-demand platforms, but it seemed like there was a scene missing when Clark threw the villain through the wall at the motel.

Surely, he would have had to check the person was legitimately out cold or that they had run off before declaring a victory. Plot armor spring to mind here.

Lois working for this smaller newspaper is way more exciting than the Daily Planet because, as she said, the more obscure stories will come knocking. The mystery of the four missing people will surely be tied to the two new people introduced.

Given how the new superhuman introduced in the final scene obliterated the motel dude, are we to assume she comes in peace?

We are only three episodes in, and Superman & Lois is continuing to deliver. The storylines are more grounded in reality, and there was a decent amount of action, and the character development was welcome in my book.

Clark: Hey, Lana.
Lana: Not today, Clark.

However, we need to delve deeper into all these superhumans before long because without any development; there are too many questions about where this will go.

We have Captain Luthor and Samuel Lane probably working together, Morgan Edge working with many people with abilities, and this new person.

There has to be a reason why all of these people show up in Smallville so soon after Kal El’s return.

What are your thoughts on the character development? Is Jordan playing football a ticking time bomb? Who is your favorite character?

Hit the comments below.

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