Chucky Season 1 Episode 8 Review: An Affair To Dismember


We’re going to go out and say it:

Thanks, Syfy and USA Network, for renewing Chucky for Season 2!

Chucky Season 1 Episode 8 had many ingredients that have made Chucky Season 1 such a success, and the cliffhanger would have been a nightmare if we didn’t know the fate of the series.

It’s rare in this day and age for a TV show to not fumble the bag at the final hurdle, but “An Affair To Dismember” was a lot of fun from start to finish, and the surviving characters should come as no surprise.

Junior having a heart at the last minute was a surprise because the show did a standup job of making him this full-fledged villain.

Lexy is one of the best parts of the show. Alyvia Alyn Lind performed memorably throughout, and allowing her to survive into Chucky Season 2 was a nice turn of events.

Junior’s death was a shocker, but it was also tragic. He was so easily manipulated by Chucky that he seemed poised to stick around as one of the killer doll’s right-hand killers.

Junior had so much more to give, but something tells me his fateful act will live on through Lexy as she adapts to this new lease on life.

The best part of all the insanity is that it bonded Jake, Lexy, and Devon for life.

You would never have guessed these three would be hugging it out at the end of the season, but all of these deadly encounters have changed them.

Lexy realized her bullying tactics were awful, and ultimately, she had the most well-rounded character arc.

I figured Jake would get that title, but the plot stopped advancing for him somewhere along the way, and that’s not a bad thing.

There is still so much for these teenagers to accomplish when the show returns, but hopefully, they’re not dispatched in one fell swoop at the beginning of Chucky Season 2.

There are a lot of possibilities for the narrative, especially when you consider the wave of Good Guy dolls in the truck. What is Tiffany’s master plan here?

Her doll is back and waving a gun at Andy. Where will she send these killer dolls? It certainly opens the franchise up to more stories.

Tiffany and Nica’s arc continued to impress, and I wish I could say I was surprised Tiffany grew closer to Nica in the end.

Tiffany wants unconditional love, and we learned first-hand how betrayed she felt when Charles turned on her in the past.

She wants someone to give her 100 percent of their attention, and it looks like she’s trying to get that out of Nica.

Nica has had such a horrible life ever since her first encounter with the doll.

Her family was murdered, she was committed to an insane asylum, and now she’s lost her arms and legs, so she can’t stray far from Tiffany.

Maybe Tiffany’s ultimate goal is to put Nica inside one of the dolls. It would be an excellent way to give Nica the chance to get revenge on Tiffany, and by extension, Chucky.

Tiffany appears to be done with Charles, but something tells me he will find a way to get through to her before long should he return in the flesh.

Tiffany’s little box of horrors with the bomb took me by surprise, but Andy should have stayed dead.’

The show relies on this outlandish tone that shows the characters evading death at every turn, but death has to stick at some point.

Kyle may well be dead, but with this universe, you never know who’s going to pop back up to cause holy hell.

Having dozens of killer dolls was an excellent way to set up the horror to come, but I have to commend everyone involved for the scenes in the theater.

The sheer terror on the faces of everyone as they tried to get out alive was well-executed. I figured Michelle would die, so I’m happy she gets to live … for now.

Her survival also raises a lot of questions about her role. She’s undermined the deaths in town at every turn, and now that there’s been a literal massacre, will she be open and honest with everyone?

It’s an exciting hook, assuming we will be picking back up in Hackensack.

With the dolls everywhere, there’s no telling where the story could go next.

“An Affair to Dismember” was a solid conclusion that left the door open for countless different directions.

If the show intended to breathe new life into the franchise, well, the show has succeeded.

What are your thoughts on the way it wrapped up?

Were you surprised Andy returned from the dead to ruin Tiffany’s plan?

What are your thoughts on what Tiffany did to Nica?

Will Nica ever escape?

Do you think the show should move beyond Hackensack next season?

Hit the comments below.

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