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That had all the workings of a good season finale.

During La Brea Season 1 Episode 10, the series provided answers about the sinkhole drama while sprinkling some cliffhangers for the next season. They also included a major character death, which was a surprise.

So many characters have grown since  La Brea Season 1 Episode 1, but Silas remained as stubborn as ever.

No matter what Eve said, Silas maintained that he wouldn’t let her take Isaiah. She tried reasoning that Josh would be his great-grandson.

Eve: if I don’t get Isaiah to the light, my children will die.
Silas: I know.

Understandably, Silas doesn’t want to lose Isaiah, but what does he know about his powers, and what’s his exact connection to Rebecca?

That was never fully explained, except Rebecca claimed she was responsible for the sinkholes, and Silas was too.

Paara now seemed convinced that Silas was shady, and she regretted ever trusting him. Therefore, she wanted to help find Isaiah and reach his destiny.

Paara took the group to these hidden caves that had a shortcut.  In order to reach the top, though, they had to climb a rope ladder, and if they fell, they would land in a tar pit.

Josh and Isaiah made it up the ladder fine, but the ladder broke as Eve was climbing up.

Poor Eve looked like she had flashbacks to when she was gripping onto Izzy’s hand right before she landed into the sinkhole.

Luckily, this time she managed to hang onto Josh’s hand, and he pulled her to safety as she collapsed in relief on top.

As the day passed and the light grew dimmer, both Josh and Izzy grew sicker.

They seemed to collapse almost in unison in the different timelines, and it became worse each time Silas interfered with Isaiah getting to the light.

At one point, Isaiah grew worried when he saw how sick Josh had become.

it’s okay Josh. You’re going to be all right.


While his grandfather tried to stop him yet again, Isaiah was determined to protect Josh. He went with Eve bravely went through the light, and both kids started feeling better.

This experience made both Eve and Josh see things differently.

Josh finally admitted he missed his dad, and he told Isaiah all the good things he would do as Gavin. He sounded proud of his dad.

Eve revealed that she realized she was an overprotective mom, and she didn’t always need to be.

Eve: you saved my life back there. You’re amazing.
Josh: What took you so long to figure that out?

Hopefully, this will strengthen their relationship and allow them to truly listen to what Gavin and Izzy have to say when they see them in 10,000 BC.

While the survivors were rescuing Isaiah, one of them died in battle. Silas’s men tried to capture Isaiah back, and he started attacking Marybeth.

Lucas actually defended his mom, and just as the man almost stabbed Lucas, a gunshot went off. It was almost like when Diana got shot in La Brea Season 1 Episode 6, Marybeth got hurt this time.

It indeed showed how far Marybeth and Lucas’s relationship had evolved when he refused to leave her side. He was willing to carry his mom to the sinkhole as long as they got out together.

I’m not going to let you die on me.


It was such an emotional goodbye between mother and son before Marybeth took her last breath. Tears were streaming down my face as Lucas embraced his dead mom and screamed for help.

The LA team studied Ella’s map, and they realized if another sinkhole was opening momentarily, they needed backup.

Though they weren’t thrilled about it, they went to Agent Markham for help.

Gavin: if we’re right and you do nothing, people will die.
Sophia: We can stop that from happening.
Gavin: But only if you help us

As the light began to fade, it triggered some of Ella’s memories. She remembered Lilly and Veronica trying to get to the light and how Veronica got stuck in a trap. She seemed determined to go back and help her.

Ella grew fearful as the light became dimmer that something had happened to her 12-year-old self.

Aldridge told me to get to the light and I’m afraid this means I might not make it.


We saw that Lilly got held up in parallel scenes because Veronica was hurt, and she didn’t want to leave her injured sister.

Veronica made Lilly complete her mission since Aldridge promised Lilly the thing she wanted most — to be reunited with her family in exchange for delivering to letter to Isaiah.

Poor Lilly was devastated when she learned Isaiah had already left. Riley tried to soothe the young girl, but the map sucked the two of them and Josh into the light when she did.

It must have sent them to 1988 since Ella and Gavin were found together, but what happened to Josh and Riley?

Both Gavin and Ella were determined to save the people they loved and go through the Seattle sinkhole. Ella wanted to fulfill the promise she made to Veronica, who loved her like a sister.

Gavin felt he was invincible, and if he returned through the sinkhole before, he could do it again.

Thankfully this trip, Izzy insisted that she would go along too. She’s as stubborn as her dad, and they are an unbeatable duo.

A rhino greeted the trip, and we can’t wait to see what next season brings.

Over to you, La Brea Fanatics. Were you satisfied with how La Brea Season 1 ended? How sad were you with Marybeth’s death?

Where do you think Josh and Riley ended up? Chime in below in the comments.

Remember, if you missed an episode, you can watch La Brea online right here via TV Fanatic.

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