All the Times Modern Luxuries Accidentally Found Their Way Into Period Pieces

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The night is long and full of errors.

Listen, making TV is hard! Long hours, tight schedules, sometimes less than ideal filming conditions…it’s a lot to handle, which is why mistakes that feel super how-did-they-miss-that do happen. Sure, they don’t happen a lot, but when they do, you can rest assured that the Internet will take notice and promptly have a field day with it. 

Bridgerton is just one period drama to come under scrutiny for a slip-up when it comes to an era-inappropriate object accidentally making its way into an episode, but it’s far from the first. Who can forget the infamous coffee cup that seemed to prove Westeros did in fact have a Starbucks on Game of Thrones? And that was just one of several gaffes the HBO fantasy hit made during its eight-season run. Forget winter, memes were always coming when it came to their mistakes. 

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