Go-Big Show Season 2 Episode 3 Double Sneak Peek: Prepare to Cringe!

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TBS’s Go-Big Show simply has no ceiling limit to the acts that are willing to compete for the $100,000 prize, and this week, TV Fanatic brings you not one, but two exclusive clips of men willing to risk life and… uh… “limb” to impress the judges.

Manu Lataste is a Frenchman continuing a family tradition of jumping bulls. Yeah, that’s right. He jumps. Over. BULLS.

Meanwhile, the man known publicly as Horse, self-proclaimed Nutshot King Zac Gordon, demonstrates his unique ability to walk away from debilitating injuries to the most sensitive part of the male anatomy. Seriously. Ouch.

These two acts truly demonstrate the extreme spectrum of the term “talent.”

At one end of the spectrum, Manu Lataste shows off technique, nerve, timing, and finesse.

It’s clear that he has trained for years to be able to survive his murderous four-legged dance partner.

And he makes it look SO GOOD.

It’s not just the fact Lataste can successfully leap over a charging bull.

It’s that he does it over and over again, varying the types of jumps and landings, adding elegant showmanship to his death-defying act.

Originally from France, Lataste moved to Canada in the mid-2010s and began demonstrating and teaching the art of bull jumping, a tradition with both French and Spanish roots and a 500-year-long history.

Already a hit on the rodeo circuit, Lataste has the Go-Big judges mesmerized by his skill.

On the other side of the coin, we have Horse.

Horse’s act is unique. It’s a talent(?) few would foster, and fewer would display. And it’s 100% memorable. I, personally, may spend some time trying to forget it.

It’s a brutally hard act to watch. Even harder to understand.

Judge Jennifer Nettles’ question, “How is this a thing?” is something I’m sure a lot of people will be asking.

When the two male judges, Cory Rhodes and T-Pain, console each other at the end of the clip, there’s a real sense they’ve just survived something together.

And they weren’t even on the stage, having their tender bits battered and bruised.

One has to wonder if Horse plans on having any kids in the future. It doesn’t seem too likely.

Were you blown away by Lataste’s no-BS bull-jumping?

Were you able to stomach watching Horse’s pain tolerance? Or did you have to look away? No judgment here. #PogoStick

Hit our comments with your thoughts on which act gets your vote!

Diana Keng is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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