What to Watch: Outlander, Shining Vale, Upload


If you thought Sundays were already too much to handle, hold on to your horses!!

Sundays will be more stacked than ever with the arrival of several new shows and an awards presentation!

Find out what else premieres or returns this week down below.

WTW Mar 5

Saturday, March 5

8/7c Stolen By Their Father (Lifetime)

Grey’s Anatomy fans will have something to look forward to when Sarah Drew stars in this pulse-pounding, ripped from the headlines thriller!

The film follows Lizbeth, a mother who will stop at nothing to rescue her two daughters from her abusive ex, who went as far as taking them overseas to Greece to keep her separated from them.

Lizbeth is in for the battle of a lifetime, navigating foreign legal systems to get her children back. It’s a must-see!

Sunday, March 6

8/7c Independent Spirit Awards (IFC)

The Independent Spirit Awards honor independent filmmakers in both TV and Film.

Leading the TV nominations are Reservation Dogs (FX) and We Are Lady Parts (Peacock).

Who will win? Find out Sunday, March 6th!

8/7c When Calls the Heart (Hallmark)

It’s time to go back to Hope Valley!

The town we love is changing in unexpected ways. But some things will never change.

Hope Valley is filled with friendships and love, and there is plenty more on the way. Be here on Sunday evening for a full rundown of the When Calls the Heart Season 9 premiere!

8/7c The Courtship (NBC)

Reality dating show fans and those who are biding their time until Bridgerton’s return can get their fix with this new spin with an old flair.

Forget those dating apps, we’re bringing back genuine courting and getting hot and bothered over cankle reveals.

One woman lives her Regency-Era romantic dreams with fanciful costumes, fairytale dates, and hot men vying for her affections.

8/7c Power Book IV Force (Starz)

All hell is about to break loose in the Windy City.

With the Serbs coming for him, Tommy has to round up some allies and give himself a fighting chance in the upcoming war.

Elsewhere, Claudia needs to push Dahlia out into the streets, while Gloria finds herself in a precarious situation with the Flynn family.

8/7c Killing Eve (BBC America)

Eve locates Helene who may be useful in her revenge mission against The Twelve. Villanelle’s quest for change goes awry – she will need help if she’s going to succeed.

Carolyn is pushed aside by MI6 so is forced to seek cooperation elsewhere – she needs to find out who ordered Kenny’s hit.

The stakes get higher as Eve gets closer to the truth.

9/8c Outlander (Starz)

The Droughtlander is over!!

The good news is that Outlander returns. The bad news is that the season is terribly truncated. More good news is that Outlander has already been renewed with a supersized season.

Really, isn’t the rest just gravy? Here’s what’s coming, and we’ll have reviews for you weekly, as always!

9/8c FROM (Epix)

The tie has come for the newcomers in town to pick where they want to live.

And while the Matthews continue to adapt to their surroundings, Jade wakes up and has an odd reaction to his new home.

Elsewhere, we find out what happens next to Frank.

10/9c The Rookie (ABC)

If they touch a non-existent hair on Sergeant Grey’s gloriously bald head, we riot at dawn!

Someone is going after witnesses who are testifying in a big court trial, and Grey is one of them. We even catch a glimpse of his possibly getting stabbed.

Whoever it is also got one of the witnesses right there at the station when a suspect dies while waiting for processing.

10/9c Shining Vale (Starz)

When a dysfunctional family moves from the city to a small town into a house in which terrible atrocities have taken place, no one seems to notice except for Pat, who’s convinced she’s either depressed or possessed. As it turns out, the symptoms are exactly the same.

Her ever-optimistic husband, Terry, will have his hose patience and self-control tested as Pat deals with Rosemary, who is either Pat’s alter ego, a split personality, her “id”, her muse, or a demon trying to possess her.

Joan, Pat’s Lithium-infused mother, has long battled mental illness and her daughter… (who she blames for her mental illness). Joan is vain and hyper-critical, taking any opportunity to recall her prized youth or belittle Pat. Of all the horrors that Pat faces, becoming Joan is the most frightening — and most real.

10/9c Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (HBO)

Winning Time follows the rise of the Lakers beginning in 1979, when Jerry Buss purchased the team and took it and the sport to unforeseen levels.

With players like Kareen Abdul-Jabar and Magic Johnson, the Lakers became a show unto itself with all the glitz and glamor you’d expect from a Las Vegas revue.

The cast is nothing to be sneezed at, either, and Adam McKay directs.

10/9c S.W.A.T (CBS)

Winnie better be okay!

Hondo and the squad’s next assignment gets personal when they arrive to a scene where Hondo’s sister is one of the hostages.

Hell hath no fury like a protective brother!

Monday, March 7

Days of Our Lives (NBC/Peacock TV)

It’s a week of returns to Salem that you don’t want to miss!

Forget Sonny’s awkward reunion with Justin and Bonnie; the important thing is that he and Will are coming back to town! Maybe they can talk some sense into Craig about his new boyfriend since they’re the ones who are often on the receiving end of Leo’s obsessive and criminal behavior.

And they’re not the only ones returning, as Nicole discovers Eric working behind the bar at the Brady Pub! Could he be in town to chase the Devil out for once and for all?

8/7c 9-1-1: Lone Star (FOX)

If you thought for a second they were going to let us breathe after that heartbreaking T.K. episode, well, you’re wrong, so grab another box of tissues.

Paul gets some disturbing health news that could place his entire future in firefighting in jeopardy, and he doesn’t handle it well.

It also places his friendship with Marjan in jeopardy when she can’t bear the thought of him risking his life at every turn.

9/8c Snowpiercer (TNT)

Fever dream time!

In the wake of killing Pike and succumbing to his injuries, Layton lies in a coma, while his subconscious explores the train in a wholly different way than he’s ever seen it before.

In this world of metaphorical meaning and personified emotions, he could anyone from his past, present, or future!

All aboard for the trippiest ride ever!

9/8c All American: Homecoming (The CW)

The Bringston students attempt to find their way and forge relationships, but obstacles keep stopping them.

Damon and JR try to boost the baseball team’s morale but get stopped by Damon’s mom.

Simone attempts to bury the hatchet with Thea but these two are better left as enemies.

9/8c The Gilded Age (HBO)

Everything is illuminated as Marian and Mr. Raikes grow closer.

Mrs. Russell begins to suspects Turner of inappropriate conduct. With help from her new friend Carrie Astor, Gladys revels in the possibility of a ball. Mr. Russell may be held accountable for the Millburn disaster – how will he evade judgment?

It’s another bright and dazzling episode of The Gilded Age! Don’t miss it!

9/8c The Cleaning Lady (FOX)

Who thought forged passports and asking a 5-year-old to lie was a foolproof plan?

When Thony gets stuck at the Mexican border, she needs help from an unlikely ally. Will Garrett actually come through or make things worse?

It’s another exciting episode of The Cleaning Lady as we see if Arman survived and who was behind his attack.

10/9c The Good Doctor (ABC)

Shaun jumps straight from his relationship break up into a new controversy at the hospital.

When a woman wants surgery to correct her problems with her voice, Shaun doesn’t think it’s worth the risk, but Andrews thinks her quality of life should be considered too.

When things go wrong, who will be blamed? And how will Lim’s conflict with Salen play out against the backdrop of another surgery gone wrong?

10/9c The Endgame (NBC)

Elena’s games continue, and everyone is caught in her web.

Her status in federal custody doesn’t prevent Elena from reaching the masses and speaking out about her latest agenda.

Elena also enlists the help of a beloved news anchor to get out her message.

Tuesday, March 8

8/7c The Resident (FOX)

Is Cade connected to the mafia? It’s one of many theories to operate under about her past, and we’ll get some background on it when a case comes into play.

Conrad also finds himself in a pickle and speaking to the F.B.I. over a John Doe patient he treats.

And Devon’s clinical trial begins.

9/8c Naomi (The CW)

It’s about time we find out some more about the mysterious Zumbado!

With Naomi gets herself into a difficult situation, she finds help from a very unlikely source.

And we soon learn that Zumbado has more knowledge about Naomi’s past than she realized.

9/8c This Is Us (NBC)

This Is Us is back. We’re past all interruptions now as we wrap up the final season.

It’s Thanksgiving for the Pearsons, which means plenty of drama. In the past timeline, Rebecca has plenty of stress between Kate’s nasty attitude and her critical mother’s visit, but there is light too: she and Miguel might share their first kiss.

Meanwhile, in the present, what could Rebecca’s huge announcement be? And with another argument looming between Toby and Kate, could this be the beginning of the end of their marriage?

Wednesday, March 9

8/7c Chicago Med (NBC)

Marcel often butts heads with other doctors, but he’s never done it literally before!

But this time, his conflict with an OR doc turns into an all-out feud when the man smashes his head into Marcel’s, sparking a fight.

Will almost losing Marcel cause Blake to reconsider her no dating colleague’s stance?

10/9c Astrid and Lilly Save the World (SYFY)

When a sexy new monster comes to town, passion runs high … and deadly.

Astrid and Lilly must save the day once again, hopefully without falling for the sexy monster themselves

The monster-hunting pair are very close to being able to close the portal, with only four monsters left!

10/9c A Million Little Things (ABC)

Where is the petition to sign for Katherine’s happiness?

Katherine faces a health scare that lands her in the hospital and others rushing to her side, including Greta who faces Eddie for the first time.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Gary are in a confusing place after their kiss.

10/9c Chicago P.D. (NBC)

The gloves are off, and the squad is rolling in deep when they hit the ground running in search of a missing Makayla after a brutal kidnapping at Kim’s home.

It’s all hands on deck as they search for one of their most beloved, and Kim and Adam are falling apart.

We can anticipate another heartstopping and action-packed hour!

10/9c Good Trouble (Freeform)

The Coterie crew is back, and we get so many answers to all those pressing questions they left us with after that shocking finale!

Callie is at an influx in her life, and she has some big choices to make. Old faces return, and some new faces appear, too.

Check back in for our exclusive chats with the cast!

Thursday, March 10

Star Trek: Picard (Paramount+)

Get ready for a Trek adventure like you’ve never seen before! Think The Man in the High Castle meets Sliders as Picard and his entourage find themselves in a world where Earth has taken a far different path.

Although they know who they are, this world casts them as very different versions of themselves — a general, a spymaster, even a PRESIDENT?

Star Trek: Discovery (Paramount+)

The time has come to face Species 10-C. Will Burnham, her crew, and the delegation succeed in making diplomatic contact? Or will Tariq’s impetuousness doom them all? Beam onboard for a ground-breaking event as they venture where no StarFleet ship has ever gone before!

8/7c Law & Order (NBC)

The revived original series hasn’t shied away from controversy or current events, and this is no exception.

This time, a social media star goes missing and it won’t be easy to track her down. All the details of her life are out there for anyone to see, but where has she gone to?

This one looks like it might finally be time for the cop side of the series to shine, as Bernard and Cosgrove race against time to find this woman before it’s too late.

8/7c Station 19 (ABC)

Theo desperately tries to support Vic as she intends to move forward with her abortion, and they attempt to sort out where they are in their relationship.

Travis reevaluates his relationship with Emmett and where he wants to go with it.

Meanwhile, Sullivan reaches out to Webber for help after a discovery he made about Ross.

9/8c Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

Koracick is back! Fans may still be reeling from the departure of Hayes, but Tom will soothe things a bit when he returns to help Mer, Amelia, and Kai with Hamilton’s surgery.

Owen takes a turn for the worse just when Teddy confronts him about his actions.

It prompts Amelia to possibly sacrifice her part in the surgery to save Owen.

9/8c Legacies (The CW)

Aurora pieces together more information on how to kill a tribrid.

Hope continues making use of Lizzie being sire-bonded to her.

Alaric, Landon, and Ted discuss how to decide on their three wishes.

10:30/9:30c Single Drunk Female (Freeform)

Happy one-year sober! Sam celebrates this important milestone by making peace with her mom and having sex with James.

Brit gets cold feet about the wedding and turns to an unlikely person, Felicia.

And please check in with us this week for our exclusive chats with the cast.

9/8c Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

Rape as a hate crime? What?

After yet more girls are targeted by predators, Benson considers making the case that they were targeted because of their gender.

It’s anyone’s guess whether Carisi will go for it and how much drama will come from 1PP over this decision.

This looks like it’s going to be the kind of story that gets people talking, so don’t miss it!

10/9c Big Sky (ABC)

The race is on to find Max!

Jenny tries to look for the missing team, while Travis comes clean to her about his many deceptions.

Out on the ranch, Mark and Cassie interrogate Wof, as they try to figure out where Ronald is currently hiding.

10/9c Law & Order: Organized Crime (NBC)

Now that Wheatley’s presumed dead, Stabler would love to close that chapter in his life. He’s reconnected with a cop friend (yep, that’s Denis Leary!) and started a new investigation, this time into the Marcy Killers.

But taking down a mob boss is never easy, and Stabler’s again in danger of losing himself.

If you ship Elliot/Olivia, you’ll love this one, because Benson again confronts him in an attempt to get him to think about the way he’s losing himself to this job.

Friday, March 11

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Prime Video)

It’s the season finale (already?!) of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!

How will this rapid-fire, laugh-a-minute season conclude? What will be the fallout of Midge’s display at NBC? Will she finally be able to pull herself out of debt while still maintaining artistic integrity?

Will Rose determinedly soldier on in the face of competition? Will Mei and Joel make a decision? Don’t miss another two hours of top-tier comedy bliss on the final two episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4!

Upload (Prime Video)

One of the surprising pleasures of 2020 returns, and everyone is grasping at straws trying to find their way in and around the upload afterlife.

Nathan is at a crossroads in his (after) life… his ex-girlfriend Ingrid has unexpectedly arrived at Lakeview hoping to strengthen their relationship, but his heart still secretly yearns for his customer service angel Nora.

Meanwhile, Nora is off the grid and involved with the anti-tech rebel group “The Ludds.”

Season Two is packed with new near-future concepts, including Lakeview’s newest in-app digital baby program called, “prototykes,” and other satirical glimpses of the technological advances and headaches to come.

Severance (Apple TV+)

After a disturbing discovery by Dylan and himself, Irving continues to be plagued by sinister visions.

Ms. Cobel experiments with Ms. Casey.

Outie Mark voices his suspicions to his sister. Innie Mark goes looking for answers in the uncharted hallways of the severed floor and finds something unexpected.

It’s another mystery-laden episode of Severance.

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