A Million Little Things Round Table: Are You Excited About Another Round of Gary and Maggie?


Gary and Maggie ‘shippers have reason to celebrate, or do they?

Maggie’s 30th birthday party was eventfulA Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 10, and it included a forbidden kiss between Maggie and Gary, among many other things.

Join Laura Nowak, Christine Orlando, and Jack Ori to discuss it all.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Did you enjoy Tyrrell’s return? What are your thoughts on his and Rome’s discussion about his depression?

Laura: I was so happy to see Tyrrell. I love his and Rome’s relationship. I appreciated how Rome took responsibility for snapping excessively and how Tyrell wanted Rome to lean on him like he’s always leaned on him.

Christine: It was great to see Tyrrell back, and I appreciated how he brought another perspective to Rome’s depression. Depression affects everyone involved, and despite his initial shock, I like how Tyrell realized that Rome needed him as much as he needed Rome.

Jack: I’m also glad Tyrell is back. His presence added another layer to Rome’s depression story. It’s been hard enough for Gina and Rome, but this was a huge shock for Tyrell, who hasn’t seen Rome in forever. I’m glad Tyrell offered his support once he understood what was going on.

Are you pleased with the series’ commitment to exploring Rome’s depression, and how authentic do you find it?

Laura: I have always appreciated that the series has continued to explore Rome’s depression.

I think it’s one of the more authentic depictions on TV, as they’ve shown his triggers, some of which happen in daily life. They’ve been careful to show the difference between suicide ideation and depression, and they’ve actually shown him getting help.

Christine: Considering this series began with suicide and attempted suicide, I’m relieved that they continue to deal with mental health issues so realistically. There aren’t many shows on TV that put the time and effort into doing so, and A Million Little Things manages to do it while still being true to its characters.

Jack: I’m delighted this storyline is portrayed authentically. TV so often gets mental health issues wrong and does more harm than good by perpetuating stereotypes. We need more shows like A Million Little Things that accurately depict depression and other mental illnesses.

What was more shocking: Anna recognizing Gary and being okay with his role in things or her taking a step back from Eddie because he didn’t tell her?

Laura: I was more shocked that Anna thought Peter deserved what was coming to him. I understand her being upset that Eddie didn’t tell her, but Gary is his best friend. Hopefully, she’ll forgive him, because I liked them together.

Christine: I was more shocked that Anna put things together so quickly and then told Gary that she was okay with him attacking Peter. But given all that Anna’s been through and how long she remained in the dark about Peter, I’m not surprised she reacted so harshly to Eddie hiding the truth from her.

Jack: I was equally shocked by both. I definitely didn’t expect Anna to be okay with what Gary did, but I thought it was silly for her to be angry that Eddie didn’t tell her in advance when ultimately, she didn’t care.

Are you concerned about Greta’s marital status and what this could mean for Katherine moving forward? How will Eddie respond now that he knows she’s dating a woman?

Laura: I think it might help Katherine understand what Eddie felt those years ago. As she said, now she’s the other woman. It will be interesting to see if she can, but I like her and Greta. I hope Eddie accepts Katherine the way she is now that they’ve reached a good friendship.

Christine: I’m hoping Greta’s telling the truth, and her marriage is over, although I’d prefer it if she were already divorced. As for Eddie, I’m sure he’s in shock, but I hope he wants Katherine to be happy and will accept that she’s now dating a woman.

Jack: I don’t like that Greta isn’t waiting until her divorce is final or that she didn’t tell Katherine the truth from the beginning. That doesn’t bode well, and I don’t like that because I’ve been enjoying Katherine finding some happiness with Greta.

I’m sure Eddie will be supportive once he gets over the fact that he called Katherine’s partner by male pronouns three or four times, and Katherine didn’t correct him.

Did Cam overdo it by throwing Maggie a party she didn’t want? How long before he confronts Maggie about Gary or learns the truth?

Laura: Cam absolutely overdid it. It was just a glaring mistake that they didn’t know each other well, and he didn’t know she had cancer and why this day meant so much to her.

I’m not sure if he’ll confront her first about Gary or the cancer since her ex brought that up, and he looked upset he didn’t know about that either.

Christine: Yeah, Cam went over the top with the party. Many people would love that type of party, but it showed how little he truly knows Maggie. Hopefully, Maggie makes a clean break with Cam and doesn’t drag things out because that will only worsen.

Jack: Cam totally went over the top. He invited literally everyone Maggie knew or ever knew. I was surprised he didn’t call her most recent ex, but that might have been because the actor is on This Is Us now.

I hope Maggie tells Cam the truth and breaks things off with him and that he doesn’t go overboard trying to win her back when she does. She’s already dealt with one stalker and doesn’t need a second one.

How do we feel about another round of Maggie and Gary and her choosing to kiss him?

Laura: I never thought I’d feel this way, but I really liked it. After the two of them being friends for so long, they understand each other so well I’m ready for a redux. I also love elevator kisses and make-out scenes. They are sexy as hell.

Christine: I didn’t think I’d ever root for them again, but I was wrong. They’ve come full circle as they’re now real friends, and their romance could mean so much more than it once did.

Jack: I guess I’m the only one super disappointed with this. I think Maggie and Gary are working right now BECAUSE they are only friends, and I don’t want them involved romantically again, especially since Maggie kissed Gary before breaking it off with Cam. Ugh.

What was your favorite storyline, character, or moment from the hour?

Laura: My absolute favorite moment of the episode was Maggie jumping in the elevator, saying she would live her life, and kissing Gary. For a smaller moment, I appreciated Theo being a fashionista and pushing for Eddie to date too. He was adorable, and I’m glad he was okay with his parents dating others.

Christine: I loved how much was happening at the party, with everyone dealing with their own personal dramas.

But my favorite was Rome blowing up at Tyrell for the headphones and then apologizing and taking responsibility for his current mental and emotional state. I think it meant a lot that Rome could talk about what he’s feeling, even when it’s difficult.

Jack: I liked Rome and Tyrell’s interactions too. I also liked when Eddie hurried to deal with Anna and Katherine’s meeting. Sooo awkward! Also, I was glad that Eddie turned down the drink Anna offered him without a second thought.

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics. Do you agree with the round table? Do you disagree? Hit the comments!

A Million Little Things airs Wednesdays on ABC.

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