Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 3-07-22: The Week of Big Returns!


Sonny and Will are headed back to Salem!

Salem’s first same-sex couple is still one of the most popular pairings, and ever since their two stints on Peacock’s Days of Our Lives spin-offs, fans have been hoping they grace the small screen with their presence again too.

They’re coming home on Days of Our Lives during the week of 3-07-22, and they’re not the only ones.

Now that Leo’s back in town, it’s unsurprising that Sonny and Will are coming home too.

Their recent storylines all seemed to involve that schemer’s interference with their relationship, and Chloe and Brady are slated to come up with some desperate plan to save Craig from his new boyfriend.

Leo has a long, ugly history with Sonny and Will. But Craig wasn’t overly impressed with Chloe and Brady’s claims about Leo, so why should he even consider what these two have to say?

Chloe would be wise to leave this alone and let Craig discover the truth for himself. But that’s not likely to happen. Spoilers also say that Nancy’s going to confront Leo — did Chloe put her up to that too?

Sonny and Will aren’t the only ones coming home, either. A clip at the end of the Days of Our Lives spoiler video for the week of 3-07-22 has Nicole ordering a coffee, only to turn around and discover Eric’s the one waiting on her.

This makes little sense. Eric returned to the priesthood. He was last in town to help exorcise the Devil from Marlena, only to run back to his mission to Africa as soon as the ritual was complete.

So why on Earth is he waiting tables in the Brady Pub now? Is he an undercover priest hoping to catch a glimpse of Johnny’s possession? Or is Nicole having a fantasy that she shouldn’t be having while in the middle of trying to prove her new lover Rafe’s innocence?

The spoiler photos don’t give us any extra clues, but they tell us about everything else in Salem. Please scroll down to check them out.

Gabi drops a bombshell at the DiMera shareholder meeting.

Jake can’t catch a break, especially at these Dimera board meetings.

Last time around, ex-lover Kate exacted a painful revenge on him by casting the deciding vote to oust him from the company after pledging her loyalty.

And since Gabi thinks Jake stabbed her in the back, she’s probably going to do something similar. I guess she and Jake will never have that honest conversation now.

Johnny struggles to overcome the Devil.

I’m glad Johnny is still in there somewhere, fighting to rid his soul of the Devil.

Now let’s have him succeed, and furthermore, boot the demon from Salem altogether.

Johnny will have a huge mess to clean up after he’s free since the Devil ruined his relationships with Chanel and Allie. Let’s get on with it.

Gwen tries to persuade Ava not to implicate her in Abigail’s kidnapping.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Ava’s only interest is whatever is good for Ava. Gwen’s tried to be a decent friend to her, discouraging her from her revenge plot, but to no avail.

Now, Ava seems poised to pay her back by throwing Gwen under the bus. It’s hard to feel sorry for Gwen after her repeated lies and manipulations, though. She always plays with fire and always gets burned.

Xander is reunited with Sarah.

Sort of, anyway.

It would be fantastic if Xander and Sarah’s connection were so strong that it broke through Sarah’s delusions and immediately made her remember who she is.

But this silly Sarah-as-Renee story is just beginning. She’s barely messed with Anna yet. So poor Xander is likely going to end up getting his heart broken by a Sarah lookalike for the THIRD time.

Belle gives EJ an update on his case.

The appeal probably isn’t going well.

EJ just met Clyde in jail, and further spoilers suggest Clyde and Orpheus will team up to mess with him. So EJ will have to stay there a lot longer.

The biggest question here is how long it’ll be before Belle gives in to temptation and engages in a conjugal visit with her sister’s ex.

Ben informs Jake he and Ciara think Johnny could be possessed.

I’m glad Ben’s telling someone other than Susan.

Jake’ll probably put the pieces together and realize who influenced Gabi to betray him.

But will Gabi even believe him? And even if she does, is their relationship salvageable?

Nancy faces off with Craig’s new beau.

Nancy would probably do this no matter who the guy is. In her mind, he stole Craig from her and destroyed a beautiful 30-year marriage.

But if Chloe “accidentally” told her that Craig is dating a two-bit con artist, Nancy’ll come in with double guns blazing.

This might be entertaining, but it’ll just push Craig to be even more loyal to Leo. And let’s hope that there aren’t any super-low blows in this confrontation, like Leo making digs about Nancy’s appearance.

Will returns to Salem and reunites with Marlena.

I’m glad Will is back! Does he know about the possession? Or that his cousin Ciara is pregnant? 

He’ll have a lot of gossip to catch up on, but first, there’s a burning question that needs to be answered.

Gabi left Arianna in Arizona with Will and Sonny. So where is the little girl now?

Will and Sonny try to get through to Craig.

Yeah, this isn’t going to work either.

The best thing to do is LEAVE CRAIG ALONE. The more everyone pushes him to break up with Leo, the more he’ll dig his heels in.

Will might be in a good position to give Craig advice about navigating tricky relationship situations related to coming out, though. After all, Arianna was conceived when Will slept with Gabi before accepting his own sexual orientation.

Paulina and Eli team up to figure out if TR truly is a changed man.

I can save them time. He’s probably not, and even if he is, Paulina shouldn’t give him a second chance.

The man abused her so severely that she hid her daughter from him for years, for goodness sake. There’s no reason for her to ever speak with him again.

But who didn’t see a change of heart coming when she confronted him in person about the flowers he sent instead of throwing them in the garbage?

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

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