All American Season 4 Episode 10 Review: 6’N The Mornin

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Summer fun time is over.

Everyone had to make adjustments on All American Season 4 Episode 10.

Of course, these changes hit Spencer hardest because he takes everything more seriously than anyone else.

That’s mainly because Spencer’s still shooting for the NFL. All the other football players accept that they’ve already peaked and will not be playing any higher than college ball.

Philosopher J.J. had the best handle on his situation. Instead of religiously following his daily schedule, he built a still at the beach house.

J.J. received the scholarship at Coastal California that Asher had to give up because of his heart condition. So the fact that J.J. gets to play football a little longer is gravy as far as he’s concerned.

Spencer is the exact opposite, getting up early to work out, learning to get to meetings early, squeezing in whatever time he can with Olivia.

And yet, because he made a one-handed catch in practice, the head coach has decided that he’s a showboat, calling him out in front of the whole team.

Then his position coach told him he’d be seeing a good amount of playing time at a team scrimmage. Only he couldn’t shake the defender on the one snap that he did get.

Jordan made a good point. College is a clean slate, and everyone can reinvent himself. A walkon wide receiver has the same chance to make an impression as Spencer does.

What each player did in the past got them onto the college team but was no guarantee of success at that level.

Too late, Billy offered Spencer some perspective, explaining that many players at the college level are as talented as he is. So Spencer would have to work even harder to make a good impression.

Shouldn’t one of his college coaches have explained that to him before this to give him more realistic expectations?

Relationships were the focus of this episode. Kudos to Spencer for not taking the out that Olivia offered to him.

At least the two of them were attempting to find a way to keep their relationship solid. It’s probably the most secure on the series other than J.J. and his love, J.J.

Jordan admitted that he couldn’t juggle football and Simone. Simone equally has too much on her plate on All American: Homecoming without having to deal with clingy Jordan in person.

Olivia was as delusional as Spencer when it came to her paid position at the L.A. Tribune. The new person in any organization will be assigned the grunt work. She shouldn’t have been so surprised about that.

Like with Spencer, Olivia’s editor took notice of the extra effort that Olivia was making. She also gave Olivia some much-needed perspective about her role at the paper.

The couple in the most trouble now would be Patience and Coop.

Now that Coop is no longer serving as Amina’s surrogate mother, she has no direction, and she’s underfoot for Patience. Her watching cooking shows is a cry for help.

Layla did Patience a solid by coming up with a role that Coop could handle: mentoring young artists at Layla’s studio showcase.

Only Coop appointed herself Patience’s manager and was a genuinely disruptive force throughout the event. It was little wonder that both Layla and Patience dressed her down afterward.

Coop needs to find some direction. She could be helpful to Layla in the studio if she could rein in her ego.

Layla was hardly the poster girl for stable relationships.

She had fun playing with Clay throughout the summer. But she’s got a label to build and doesn’t have time for a serious relationship. Instead, she’ll be in touch when she wants to hook up.

What a perfectly male attitude! But hey, at least she set clear boundaries if they are to continue.

Asher got back into a relationship as Jamie showed up out of the blue. It was hard to fault him for blowing her off.

Rather than seemingly ghosting him, Jamie should have let him in on her condition rather than just assuming he couldn’t handle it. After all, with his heart condition, he understands diseases can strike people at any age.

It was good to see that Asher took his knack for betting and leveraged it into a position at a sportsbook.

It seemed ill-conceived to toss such a good-paying position so that he could continue to live with college athletes in a beach house.

Then again, if he’s serious about getting into coaching, he would have had to let that line of work go anyway.

Now he’s back working with Jamie again, so there’s that perk.

Didn’t Grace do a magnificent job of manipulating Billy into taking the interim principal position? 

Billy was correct that he didn’t have time to take on that role as he had massive holes to fill in a team that was already too small in numbers.

But all Grace had to do was to threaten to make the shop teacher his boss, and Billy caved.

Also, shouldn’t he have run that by Laura before his kneejerk acceptance?

Based on the next episode’s trailer, this interim post isn’t going to be nearly as simple as Grace portrayed it.

To follow Spencer’s career, watch All American online.

How long will it take Spencer to break through?

What should be Coop’s next career?

Did Layla mistreat Clay?

Comment below.

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