The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Coming Home Again


Thony De Le Rhosa desperately wanted to return home to her son, but each plan had more obstacles than the last.

The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 9 showed how fierce the women of The Cleaning Lady were when they were fighting for what they believed in.

Women’s History Month was the ideal time to showcase Thony, Fiona, and Nadia’s strengths and fierceness.

Who thought a good rescue plan involved a 5-year-old lying? Kids are taught not to lie, so they will know something is wrong when you ask them to.

In theory, pretending that Daria was Luca’s mom because she was a U.S. citizen was a good idea, but so many things went wrong.

Explaining to Luca that he had to pretend that someone was his mommy was a foreign concept, especially telling him that he might be separated from Thony.

Seeing that child’s panicked face as Thony was detained for having a fake passport was devastating. He only wanted his mother, who protected him from everything.

Thony only cared that Luca was safe. She knew Daria would take excellent care of him until they were reunited. Maybe, Daria could work as a nanny for them when the chaos dies down. She and Luca have already built a connection.

Since Arman was in hiding, Thony reached out to the only other person she could –Garrett. She was desperate, but that proved to be a collosol mistake.

It’s nothing to do with the bureau. She’s on Homeland Security’s watch after that stunt you played with your ICE raid.

Agent Russo

Garrett went rogue when the bureau wouldn’t help to bring Thony back. His insistence felt more than just helping an informant. Is it because he has a soft spot for her since their kids are the same age or something else?

Thony was desperate to return home to Luca, no matter the cost. Marco must be useless because Garrett asked a valid question on why he couldn’t help until she returned.

It showed how desperate Thony was when she agreed to get in Garrett’s trunk. He looked like he was kidding and tried to convince her to wait until they could get clearance to get her back legally.

We knew this was a horrible plan as soon as Garrett went through border control. Sure enough, they were both arrested. Finally, we learned Garrett’s motivations for going into the FBI and that Thony doesn’t believe everything is black and white.

It felt like these two reached an understanding. Garrett was in no way prepared for his boss to arrest Thony for aiding and abetting Arman and re-entering the country illegally.

Will Garrett help her out of this mess that he got her into?

Fiona’s story has been overlooked lately, but fierce Fiona was back in full force. This time, Chris was ready to back his mom up. The surly teenager had disappeared, and a confident, educated young man had emerged.

Chris went with Fiona to confront the DACA lawyer to overcharge them for the forms and charge them for free services.

Lawyers take advantage of clients way too often, thinking they will never research the actual services or fees.

Watching the mother and son team storm in on an important lawyer was the icing on the cake. Chris looked so proud of his mom for standing up for herself.

I don’t want someone representing my son that doesn’t give a crap, so give me my money back, or I will take you to court for charging me for services that were never rendered or don’t even exist.


The De Le Rhosa family dynamics were more complicated than we could have imagined. Marco was like their father, controlling and ridiculing. It’s why Fiona left home.

Fiona has tried to play a peacemaker between her brother and her best friend.

However, she saw why Thony doesn’t want to deal with Marco since he only cares about getting her and Luca away from Las Vegas.

Fiona: Thony said she’d be home soon, all right?
Marco: This isn’t her home! Her home is in Manila with me!

Marco doesn’t respect his wife or his sister or their friendship. Can we please get rid of him?

While Nadia Morales may be an obstacle to the Arman and Thony relationship, she is so much more than that. Nadia is a fierce woman who wants what she and Arman deserve.

Arman and Nadia’s marriage is difficult to decipher. They seem to care about each other deeply, but I’m unsure if they are in love with each other. Nadia cared enough to pull Arman away from the burning car and take him into hiding.

Come back to me, Armando. (opens his eyes). Stay with me!


Nadia was smart. Does she realize Arman was still daydreaming about Thony? Was that her motivation for turning off their phones? She claimed it was because of Hayak, but it probably was so Arman couldn’t contact Thony.

Nadia isn’t heartless. She’s relieved Luca made it through surgery, though her motivations aren’t pure. This way, her husband can pay more attention to her. Nadia has repeatedly sworn that everything she does is for Arman. Hopefully, she’ll get her own empire.

We have a second chance, Arman, but you need to put your marriage first. If you want me in your life, you need to cut Thony out of yours.


Moving forward, Arman is in a difficult position. Hopefully, his cat and mouse game with Hayak worked, and he bought himself some more time.

Arman doesn’t want to end up dead on ice like Carlos did or have either of his ladies in danger.

Thony will need his help since she’s sitting in jail. Will Arman be able to help her without alienating Nadia or endangering himself?

Over to you, Cleaning Lady Fanatics. Do you think Arman or Garrett will save Thony in the season finale next week?

Which couples do you think will end up together? Chime in below in the comments.

Remember, if you missed an episode, you can watch The Cleaning Lady online right here via TV Fanatic.

The Cleaning Lady airs at 9/8c on Mondays on FOX.

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