Good Trouble’s Cast Talks “Season of Growth,” Callie’s Future, Denvia’s Fate, & More!


The countdown until Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 1, the highly-anticipated premiere, is almost up, and trust us; it’s been well worth the wait!

By the end of the super-sized Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 19, it felt as if they left us with more questions than answers, and some of those questions sent the Good Trouble fandom into a tizzy.

TV Fanatic had the absolute privilege of catching up with the Good Trouble Cast, all of whom are the epitome of Good Vibes and embody The Coterie family feels. We chatted about what to expect this season.

Father-to-be Gael and Callie mutually agreed to end their latest attempt at a relationship so he could prioritize Isabella and their child to be.

We asked about Gael’s approach to fatherhood.

And by all means, chalk it up to the nerves and brain-to-mouth miscommunication that we suddenly and ironically fell victim to our own biggest Good Trouble cardinal SIN of mispronouncing Gael’s name.

Please know that the mortification lingers, and it still haunts us in our sleep. We appreciate your sympathy during this time of reflection.

But a shoutout to Tommy Martinez for taking it in stride, though, such a gem.

Martinez played it coy but mentioned that Gael would try to be the father to his impending child that his father wasn’t exactly to him.

Meanwhile, Quintana shared that we will come to learn more about Isabella and what makes her tick, including her relationship with her parents.

Isaac’s reappearance at the end of the finale was a massive shock, and things don’t get any easier for Malika as she balances relationships with a new job.

Adele shares how impressed she is by Malika’s ability to “choose herself” and handle things with such dignity.

It’s a sentiment that Quintana feels Adele has in common with her character, as the crew got sidetracked with an adorable love fest with each other. Seriously, this cast is the cutest.

The always charismatic Sherry Cola had some vivid descriptions of the writing this season and had nothing but praise for the writers.

She teases that Alice will be unpacking some trauma, and we’ll see her “in a way we’ve never seen her before.”

As new Coterie member Joaquin, Bryan Craig is the season’s newbie, but fortunately, the Good Trouble cast welcomed him with open arms.

As an investigative journalist, Joaquin will be “badgering” the Coterie members, but some he’ll find his way and form some bonds along the way.

Check out the full interview with Tommy Martinez, Priscilla Quintana, Zuri Adele, Sherry Cola, and Bryan Craig below.

One of the biggest cliffhangers of the Good Trouble finale was the outcome of that court case. Yet, surpassing that, viewers were confused when Callie concluded that it was time to make some significant changes and her Wilson-personified self-conscience implied something about leaving.

Leaving what? Law? The Coterie? California? What gives?!

Mitchell talks about how Callie has been reflecting, and we can expect a version of Callie who is taking charge more.

She also notes that Callie and Jamie have reached a point of “meeting in the middle” and some more profound understanding of their dynamic after the trial now that Jamie is in a place of influx, too.

Mariana shocked viewers with a plan to serve as a double agent, but we don’t know if Evan is playing her by working alongside the enemy.

Ramirez shares that Mariana has her work cut out for her with trying to infiltrate Revitalize on behalf of Bulk Beauty and that Evan is always there, and there’s always a bit of messiness.

Of course, there is a bit of flirtation with the new guy Joaquin, so fans have that to look forward to as well.

But when it comes to ‘ships, most Good Trouble viewers are obsessed with Denvia, and as we know, unfortunately, we never got an answer as to who Davia chose!

Hunton shares that Davia “wants to be wanted” and that she’s learning to balance being there for herself and not taking on the burdens of others.

She’s incredibly proud of Davia’s growth and self-awareness.

Dennis has had a difficult time on the series since the pilot, but Pence teases that we’ll get to see a more extroverted version of him as he “begins to come out of his shell,” and he even has a birthday coming up.

We’ll get to see a side of Dennis beyond that grief, and the Gael and Dennis bromance may even grow deeper as Dennis is a source of support and advice to the new father-to-be.

The four agreed that this season’s themes are growth and accountability.

Check out our interview with Maia Mitchell, Cierra Ramirez, Emma Hunton, and Josh Pence below!

The season premiere of Good Trouble airs Wednesday, March 9, at 10/9c on Freeform.

Don’t forget to return after the premiere for a full review of all the juicy details of the premiere.

In the meantime, if you still need to catch up or refresh your memory ahead of the premiere, you can watch Good Trouble online here via TV Fanatic. You can also check out our Good Trouble Reviews.

Are you excited about its return? Hit the comments below and sound off!

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