A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 11 Review: Piece of Cake


It’s official official that Maggie and Gary are back together.

It took most of A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 11 for Maggie to break things off with Cam and stray from the ickiness of her technically cheating on her charming boyfriend, who threw her a multi-thousand dollar birthday bash, but she did.

And Katherine gave everyone a serious scare.

For the most part, “Piece of Cake” felt as if it should’ve been coupled with A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 10 as a double installment. With some editing, both episodes could’ve gotten whittled down to one hour and a half installment.

It’s probably because the first half of the hour picked up where the previous one left off, and everyone remained at the party for some time. Somewhere along the way, Eddie left the party early to plead his case to Anna, and Katherine returned home to relieve her mother from babysitting Theo.

And Gina and Rome were on their way out the door when they got the emergency call.

I’m proud of Gina for voicing her thoughts and her honest, open communication with Rome about how it is for everyone else dealing with his depression. He’s not the only one affected by it, and she wanted him to recognize that.

It’s been hard for her as she’s often on the receiving end of his mood swings and biting comments. She could barely get her kicks sharing the good news about her starting a catering company before  Rome knocked her down a peg with his comment about the third time being a charm.

He needed to hear that while everyone understands what he’s dealing with and they can accept his apologies, it doesn’t make it any easier on them or hurt any less.

The Howards have often been the couple who are the best communicators. But isn’t it utterly fascinating how much better Katherine and Eddie are with each other as friends and family but not married lovers?

Who’d have imagined that they would both be at their best and healthiest in this lovely sweet spot where they’re happily divorced but still every bit each other’s person?

For a moment, there was some wariness that Eddie would have an unfavorable reaction after he saw Katherine and Greta making out in the closet, but he was so loving and supportive. It was honestly beautiful to witness.

It was concerning when Katherine passed out like that, but things didn’t get serious until we saw the blood on her head. Poor Theo heard his mother fall, and he was a fit of worry. Fortunately, Greta was on the phone, and she did a fantastic job of talking him through what he needed to do and keeping him calm.

Eddie: So you’re dating her and a married guy?
Katherine: Oh, stop.
Eddie: I’m sorry I made an assumption earlier.
Katherine: Not your fault, I didn’t correct you.

A topic of discussion that comes up for viewers is Theo’s age and maturity, so admittedly, it was a bit of a headscratcher when Katherine mentioned that he was 12, but Greta was talking him through dialing 911 as if he were a few years younger.

They spent the majority of the hour with Katherine in another room, and no one knew what medical state she was in and what was wrong with her. But the varying degrees of concern was odd because you had Theo worried out of his mind, Eddie concerned, and the rest hyper-focused on their personal lives rather than Katherine.

We learned that her heart rate and blood pressure dropped simultaneously, and it caused her to collapse. It was scary, but it was also a bit vague.

But Eddie was ever the supportive man, even when it took him away from his door well atonement session at Anna’s place.

He didn’t bat an eye when Greta showed up at the hospital, and it was good of him to fib so she could see Katherine. He even gave them time to spend together alone before he got to talk to her. He respected that whatever Katherine has with Greta isn’t his business, and he’s just thrilled that she’s happy.

The Eddie and Greta meeting was anticlimactic in the best possible way. You can tell that he and Katherine will likely discuss things some more down the road at some point, but Eddie truly handled all of this like a King, which is honestly refreshing as hell.

Greta and Katherine have such easy chemistry, and again, it’s sweet that Katherine is this happy. Interestingly, no one else saw Greta, so they’ll probably do a thing when Katherine shares with the rest of the group that she’s dating a woman now. But her biggest thing is telling Theo about Greta.

He shouldn’t have any issue with it. Still, obviously, they’re trying to go somewhere with this storyline and her not correcting people about Greta’s gender or talking about or introducing her to anyone.

As effortlessly as Katherine has fallen into these feelings for Greta, she has some things to work through, too. She’s still a woman who is coming to grips with her sexuality at 40. We know there will be conflict in some capacity.

In the meantime, Eddie’s conflict with Anna didn’t last long. Thank goodness he spoke to her and shared all of his history and flaws, and she got over it. She wants honesty, and he gave her all of it. I respect him for that.

Seriously, when did Eddie become such a good character? I cannot stop rooting for this man, and I was so happy for him when Anna invited him to stay over.

With the group’s history with infidelity affecting their family, it was a bit unusual for Rome to dismiss that Maggie kissed Gary while she was with Cam and spend more time celebrating and struggling to keep it secret.

You’re not the only one going through your depression. I know you’re doing everything you can and you said you’re sorry, but I need you to know that we’re going through all of this too.


It also felt like a slap in the face to imply that Darcy was some placeholder for Maggie this whole time. Both Rome and Gary stated that they’d been waiting for this moment to happen for two years.

Um, what the hell about Darcy? Did she mean nothing? Why are they dismissing the significance of that relationship and how serious she and Gary were? They don’t have to invalidate that relationship to push Maggie and Gary back to the forefront.

The whole love triangle bit was played up for laughs with awkward scenes of an unsuspecting Cam impeding on Maggie and Gary almost every time they tried to get a moment alone to talk.

It made you cringe on behalf of Cam, who is a nice man, but he never stood a chance. He was the absolute sweetest with Theo and the only one who could cheer him up while they waited at the hospital. He signed autographs on his way to the hospital, which he drove both Maggie and Gary to because of Katherine.

He went to talk to sick kids while he was there. And the whole time, Gary and Maggie were treating him like a nuisance, which made them look terrible.

They didn’t need to speak about that kiss that night when so much other stuff happened, and Cam was right there. All it did was serve as a constant reminder that Cam deserved so much better than this.

Maggie admitted that she got wrapped up in what Gary said to her, and she wanted to kiss him. Shockingly, Gary gave some solid reasoning for why it wasn’t good for him.

He spent so much time trying to get over Maggie after he thought he’d marry her, and he didn’t want to put himself in that position again. He couldn’t trust that she was genuine or would know what she wanted. He couldn’t risk that she would repeat her previous behavior.

It was a reasonable reaction, but once he found out that Carolyn died, he was racing through the hospital as if he was running through an airport to confess his love. After everything that he said, it sucked that he flipped that quickly.

But they made an effort to have Maggie meet him halfway in a way that she would have before. She was the one who knocked on his door by the end of the night to apologize for kissing him before she broke up with Cam.

It beat her initial apology for kissing him at all. And we can believe that Maggie has genuine feelings for Gary and won’t shut down on him this time.

But poor Cam didn’t even get screentime to show Maggie breaking up with him. Can you imagine how he reacted?

I should’ve have kissed you in the elevator. I should’ve waited until I broke up with Cam. Like I just did, and it’s not because I turned 30. It’s not because —


He threw her an expensive, sentimental party with all of her friends. Cam drove her and her ex-boyfriend to the hospital, sat there all night, and distracted her friend’s child.

He told her how much he loved her a million times, and he was in awe of how much the day meant to her after what she endured. He showed all the sympathy that he could and showed all this interest in her.

And then Maggie broke up with him that same night. It’s madness!

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics. Are you surprised by Eddie’s reaction to Katherine and Greta? How do you feel about Maggie and Gary’s official reunion? Hit the comments.

You can watch A Million Little Things online here via TV Fanatic.

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