Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Lips

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Astrid and Lilly face off against one of the weakest monsters to date.

For the first time, Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 7 saw the girls face off against the monster, a monster’s henchman!

“Lips” also saw many of the main characters’ relationships take the next step.

The monster-of-the-week proved to be pretty easy to defeat (once they found him).

The girls first thought they defeated the monster, but it ended up being the monster’s henchbird (it had a beak, so we’re calling it a henchbird).

This became their only hurdle, as defeating the pheromone monster and its eggs managed to be simple.

However, it still managed to be something quite gross.

The monster melted into the large (condom-shaped) baggie they trapped it in, and then they smashed the eggs, sending goo everywhere.

They also made some headway with the supposed “Guardian,” although Brutus told them he isn’t real, just a folktale.

We, as viewers, know this to be false, as we’ve seen much of the monster with our own eyes and heard from it quite often.

Brutus assured them he’ll find proof that The Guardian doesn’t exist, so we are excited to see what happens when they all find out he’s real.

Speaking of getting excited over things, all of the main characters got a little excited.

It may have been the excessive pheromones in the air or just a long time coming.

First and foremost, Astrid and Sparrow had their long-awaited sexy times.

Their intimate moment also made a beautiful comment on body positivity, as both Sparrow and Astrid were nervous about their bodies.

They both agreed that they didn’t have to do anything, and then the camera cut just as the couple realized they both deeply cared for each other.

A surprising character also got some action in this episode: Christine.

That’s right. Religion-obsessed, abstinence-supporting Christine got some action.

Tate’s over-bearing dad approached Christine’s booth, and they ended up doing the nasty.

Mid-sex, he told her about his atheism, and she asked him to “pray with her.”

This “praying” ended up being both of them yelling “Oh God,” which provided the hour with some much-needed laughter.

Christine: What denomination are you?
Doug: I’m an atheist!
Christine: No you’re not, no you’re gonna pray with me. Come on, say “Oh God!”
Doug: Oh God.
Christine: Like you mean it!
Doug: Oh God!
Christine: I am saving you dammit.

The final pair only saw a little bit of action (just kissing!), but it’s the pair we’ve all been waiting for.

Candace kissed Lilly.


Lilly: You’re kinda hard to ignore with those legs.
Candace: You know what I would’ve voted you? Easiest to talk to.
Lilly: Um
Candace [leaning in]: Screw it.

The two ex-besties have been rekindling their friendship, but Candace’s sexuality had been hinted at more than once.

Lilly’s sexuality got directly expressed during “Lips,” with Astrid excited that she was interested in a woman.

However, Lilly does not tell Astrid which woman she’s interested in, as Astrid still does not approve of Lilly becoming friends with Candace again.

This prospective relationship may prove to be a rift in the duo’s friendship in the remaining segments of the season.

We were jumping with joy when the two characters locked lips.

Another riff will be created between Candace and her mother, Christine.

Christine doesn’t even want Candace to be friends with Lilly.

Hopefully, Christine doesn’t find out right away.

We worry about this because Christine has already found out something quite important.

As Christine left the fair with her hair and skirt messed up, she saw Lilly with the orb, leaving a voicemail to Astrid about the henchbird.

Christine immediately told The Guardian about this discovery.

The Guardian didn’t seem to be worried, even though Christine did seem to worry a little.

The Guardian: Finally
Christine: Oh My! I had no idea that your final form would be so magnificent!

One thing that keeps popping into our minds as we watch Christine and her Guardian: How does she still think he’s related to her religion?

He’s killed people for the sake of growing his power, and Christine seemed to be on board with that.

We are very excited to see Christine’s reaction to the real goal of the Guardian (whatever that may be).

The only person without a companion ended up being Brutus.

Luckily, he was at a school fair, so of course, there were prizes: including a giant stuffed unicorn.

Brutus immediately snatched the unicorn for his own, and we just thought it was the sweetest thing.

We know it’s childish, but we hope that the giant stuffed unicorn appears in the final three episodes.

That’s right, Fanatics, Astrid and Lilly Save the World season one only has THREE more segments left!

With the ratings not performing nearly as well as its lead-in Resident Alien, we are starting to wonder if we will have to say goodbye to the monster hunting duo.

Even though it’s cheesy, campy, and all-around not the best show, we still love tuning in each week to see what shenanigans occur.

Hopefully, with ten monsters and ten episodes, much of the main plot may wrap up by the end of the season.

The only factor that could cause a problem is The Guardian, as he may not be one of the leading ten monsters.

For now, that’s complete speculation. The Guardian could be the tenth monster.

We hope that the series wraps up without (significant) cliffhangers because we’d hate to see another show on SYFY get the boot with a lot of the story remaining.

The showdown between the girls and The Guardian sure seems like it’ll be an intense, entertaining, and wild battle.

Three monsters remain for Astrid and Lilly to save the world, and hopefully, they do!

So Fanatics, what did you think of “Lips?”

What did you think of all of the new relationship exploits?

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and remember to watch Astrid & Lilly Save the World online here!

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