Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Escape from New York

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Spring is in the air and babies are on the minds of more than one Patience resident.

Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 7 opened many potential storylines for the remaind of the season and Season 3, should it come to pass.

And we even got to watch an annoying character get her head ripped off. What’s not to love?

Ben must have really been enjoying himself if he didn’t realize how close he was playing it with D’Arcy.

Now, more than ever, something seems to be blossoming between those two, but it might be too late for Ben to take control over his life.

It was so awkward when Kate stepped into the living room, finding the table moved a millimeter or two. Who cares about that? And although she tried to pretend that she was OK with the Live, Laugh, Love on the wall, she wasn’t.

It got so awkward with neither of them willing to admit they didn’t really care what the other wanted until Ben pulled it down, hoping to hide his distress should Kate discover D’Arcy had been over.

D’Arcy was so happy in the morning that she even worked out for the first time in 15 years. Finding Kate there put her in line to learn Kate might be pregnant, but that wasn’t before we discovered the two woman have a very competitive vibe going on.

Max is just getting to the point that I can leave him alone without it being a child services issue. Unless he gets into the matches.


I’m not even sure how that impacts anything, but it was interesting to watch, especially since D’Arcy just spent so much time talking with Ben about how he feels in his marriage.

Kate looks at another child as a burden at the same time D’Arcy is wondering if it might be something to consider.

Kate and Ben have to find a way to communicate to see if what they have can last, and if so, allow them to be freer with each other. Just let one rip, Ben, and see how she handles it!

Ben isn’t good at confrontation, though. He couldn’t even fire Dr. Smallwood after she mistakenly told him he had progressive colon cancer. Ellen stepped right up to the plate to save the day. It’s too bad Ellen can’t tag along with some of the other issues in Ben’s life.

Look, you need to fire her before a bunch of elves move into my tree-trunk arm and start makin’ a bunch of cookies.


Mike, too, was feeling the stress of being unsure of himself. He’s realizing that his behavoir has been off recently, and it’s affected his ability to perform on the job.

Putting the wrong person behind bars for murder would be tough to take, and with Liz’s help, they have a lead. They have no idea what they’re in for with the Galvan/Powell group, but I wonder if they’ll ultimately discover that Harry didn’t kill Sam, and it was a GPG goon.

They’re about to hit town, so everyone is going to get a lesson about Sam and Harry pretty quick.

Did anyone really think that Harry was in his alien form in New York City? I guess anything really does go in the Big Apple.

And how did I miss that the woman in the pizza joint was Lisa, the general’s goon? Ugh. That’s a story that has to disappear. I don’t care that Linda Hamilton is playing the general. It adds nothing to the show.

Lisa got too close. But she was about to get closer.

Harry: This is their home. I want to meet someone like me so maybe I can feel like I am home.
Asta: Yeah, about that. Um, I spoke to Violinda at the party. She knows Goliath. Or did know him. Um, he’s dead, Harry.
Harry: Goliath was dead as soon as he became more human than me.

After Asta discovered that Goliath was dead, Harry was pretty down. He didn’t think he’d ever have an opportunity to have a beautiful conversation in his native language ever again.

But Violinda was harboring a shocking secret. Goliath birthed an egg he left behind for Harry. He knew that Harry could protect his offspring. He was going to protect it at all costs.

Harry: This is their home. I want to meet someone like me so maybe I can feel like I am home.
Asta: Yeah, about that. Um, I spoke to Violinda at the party. She knows Goliath. Or did know him. Um, he’s dead, Harry.
Harry: Goliath was dead as soon as he became more human than me.

If you watch Resident Alien online you know that sometimes Harry is so goofy that you can forget about his capabilities. Not his ship or using the alien balls, but what he really is inside his human suit.

He’s one powerful mofo, and watching Lisa making an ass out of herself trying to fight with an alien was a fantastic scene. Of course, it was even better when Harry killed her and she lost her head.

One town, two to go!

It would make sense if that storyline came swiftly to an end so that Ethan returned to be the town doctor. Harry is going to have his hands full with a baby and a child.

And who knows if alien babies, even alien-human hybrids, grow at the same rate as we do on earth. My guess is that we’ll have a human-looking baby with alien characteristics.

The possibilities for Harry and Asta are endless with this new development. The bottom line is that Harry will always be an alien on earth, and if we know anything from watching two rounds of Roswell, there will always be someone after him and the baby.

Now we have two groups who will be on their tail. Lisa swiftly dispatched the two GPG guys, but there are more where they came from.

Resident Alien Season 2 has found Harry facing the harsh reality that he’s stuck here. He was so forlorn when Asta broke his line of communication, and then even more when he heard Goliath was dead.

So this baby will mean everything to him, and if you’re like me, you’re excited to see silly Harry again. It’s hard when he’s hurting, and even worse when he blames it on his humanity.

To survive here, he has to lean into his human traits, and he’ll have to help the baby navigate its two sides, too. Who knows what it will mean for the future, but I sure can’t wait to find out.

What storyline did you most enjoy from “Escape from New York”? It was another embarrassment of riches. Three terrific plots, all as interesting as the next. How lucky are we?

Do you think Harry will get back into practicing medicine?

It would offer a strange normalcy for a man raising a child.

Where do you think all of this will lead (besides a season renewal!)?

Drop below and share your thoughts. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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