You’ll Want to Hear What Rob Lowe Has to Say About Raising Teenagers Into Strong Adults

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E!: Do you know what your son is going to post before he does it?

RL: No! It’s in real time—and sometimes it’s super mean! But it’s always funny, I gotta give it up. He’s a little wiseacre, as my grandmother and grandpa used to say. 

E!: And how does that translate to TV?

RL: So we figured out, what is the math of it, because we’re not going to play our actual selves on the show. So from his point of view, it’s a father that he rolls his eyes over, who he feels doesn’t have a great grasp of the world. And I play a tech guru, Elon Musk-esque, who everybody just falls all over for every eccentric, cool, odd thing—and he is the one person who can talk truth to power.

E!: So is Rob Lowe going to be working all summer?

RL: No, I had four weeks. I took my wife to Bora Bora, it was beautiful, and now I’m back on the literal and actual treadmill of work. I start our fourth season of Lone Star in September. I figured out a way to do comedy with Unstable, which will come out next year, and Lone Star, which is drama. It’s an actor’s dream.

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