Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Teaser Hints at a Great Love Between Abby and Evan


The final season of Chesapeake Shores is almost here!

The latest teaser for Chesapeake Shores Season 6 shows that love is in the air once again for our heroine, Abby.

If you recall Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 10, Evan realized that he could have feelings — real feelings — for Abby, making the possibility of romance welcome.

Abby wasn’t the only sister who discovered love on the horizon.

Bree was growing closer to her former crush, Luke. She’s accepted him for all that he is, including his troubled history with the law.

It gives us the warm fuzzies that Bree might have finally found her one true love because she’s hit the skids on too many past romances.

Connor has also found a new paramour with Margaret, who has joined his fledgling firm.

But of more concern as Chesapeake Shores Season 5 grew to a close was Connor’s health.

He was running himself ragged with the new firm and in defense of Luke. By the time the credits rolled, a lovely kiss with Margaret led to what appeared to be a heart attack.

We’ve seen similar stories before of family members in jeopardy who miraculously come out the other side, but the final season will surely find some way to panic us over a happy ending once again.

Whether Connor will be the guy carrying that burden remains to be seen.

Jess and David hit a roadblock with their inn and their relationship when finances became an issue.

David’s dad has gone on the run for embezzlement, and he cleared out David’s trust fund in the process.

With David pulling from the fund regularly to maintain the inn, we sure hope that the inn isn’t the tie that binds Jess and David in marriage because that could spell trouble.

Jess would also be heartbroken if her mother took off for an incredible job opportunity, the one with strings attached to a former coworker who hasn’t let his flame for Megan die out.

Mick and Megan were thisclose to leaving on an around-the-world adventure when opportunity knocked. That knock on the door also revealed Mick’s addiction to painkillers.

Can anyone in this family catch a break?

Certainly not Kevin and Sarah, who just suffered a miscarriage. Megan was there for Kevin to share her own experience with that loss.

Megan’s departure would have another profound effect on the family. They need her, and it would be terrible if she were to let them down a second time searching for personal fulfillment.

With Evan’s backing, the family business will pull through, and his presence also offers the best glimmer of hope that Abby and the entire family will sail off into the sunset with the happy ending we’re all hoping to see.

So, check out the latest teaser and let us know what storyline you are most excited to see picked up with the return of Chesapeake Shores on August 14!

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