9-1-1 Season Premiere Exclusive Clip: What About Buck?


Bobby is finally ready to take that long anticipated honeymoon, which means someone has to cover for him, right?

We’ve seen Interim Captain Han in action before, but many other qualified candidates at the 118 are more than capable of stepping into Bobby’s shoes. He’s trained his people so well, after all.

As you’ll see in this exclusive clip from 9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 1, Bobby’s plan for his replacement goes belly up, and Buck wonders why Lucy is the one Cap wanted to take his place. It begs the question; why not him?

9-1-1 Season 5 ends with Bobby and Athena ready to go on that honeymoon, but heading into 9-1-1 Season 6, they still haven’t been able to take their maiden voyage. But the time has finally arrived!

Unfortunately, Lucy is out of commission for a while and seeing as Bobby tapped her to take his place, that means Bobby has to do some thinking about who he feels comfortable leaving in charge of the 118.

While Chimney and Hen have been at the station longer than Buck has, no one can say that Buck hasn’t given his heart and soul to that house. He has shown much growth since those early days, and he’s proven to be a strong firefighter.

His hurt at not even being considered by Bobby as Interim Captain is palpable, and your heart breaks a little for him.

Sure, Lucy has the experience, but Buck knows the ins and outs of the 118 just as well as anyone else.

He would make a fabulous Captain, and it’s clearly a role he can see himself filling.

This seems like a natural step for Buck, and if the opportunity isn’t there now, perhaps it will be in the future.

Buck and Bobby have a strong relationship, so hopefully, a talk or two will get them back on the same page!

One thing is for sure, no matter how much we love Chimney, we and the 118 probably don’t need a repeat of Interim Captain Han!

Elsewhere during this wild season premiere, we’ll see a blimp disaster with Athena and the 118 walking into the middle of a packed stadium, preparing for impact.

A 9-1-1 premiere would not be complete without an over-the-top emergency, and this one looks like it’ll be a doozy.

We’ll also see two of our favorite couples navigate some new challenges.

Athena and Bobby will be getting ready to finally go on that honeymoon and take some time for themselves while also preparing for May to leave for college, which is always a bit of an adjustment for any parent.

Seeing your babies move on to the next phase is never easy.

Maddie and Chimney aren’t quite ready for Jee-Yun’s first day of undergrad, but they are still navigating their relationship and what it means to co-parent.

There are many feelings between the pair, and communication will be vital in seeing them move forward together.

The start of the season is coming in hot, and this first look has us very excited to be back with the 118!

Check out the exclusive clip above and hit us in the comments with all your thoughts.

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