Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 9-26-22: Chad’s Out for Blood!


Uh oh. Chad’s sworn revenge against Abigail’s killer, and he’s got a gun.

The fiery Dimera widower has almost choked several wrongly accused people; at least this time, he’s got the right man.

Still, spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-26-22 suggest this latest stunt will not go well — Chad might be the one who ends up in the hospital, or worse.

At least Chad, and viewers, will get the closure we’re hoping for.

After holding Clyde at gunpoint, Chad’ll get the story of the night Abigail died. Hopefully, that’ll include an explanation that makes sense for why Clyde stabbed two people, one of them fatally.

Right now, it seems like the writers decided at the last minute that Clyde was the culprit after exonerating him shortly after Abigail’s death. That’s so unsatisfying that many viewers are expecting a second twist.

It doesn’t look like anyone donned a Clyde mask, and if they had, Clyde would have had no reason to doctor security footage to give himself an alibi.

And after all is said and done, Abigail’s ghost is supposed to appear to Chad and thank him for finding her killer. Sorry, diehard Clyde fans.

Maybe it’ll turn out that Clyde was working for someone, but it’s more likely that he has some explanation for the attacks that makes sense in his mind.

A clip in the spoiler video suggests that Clyde will get the upper hand and try to choke Chad.

Someone will undoubtedly thwart this karmic attack (what did Chad do to several other suspects, including Clyde, the first time he was arrested for this, after all?); spoilers say EJ comes to the rescue at the last minute. Will EJ’s actions finally heal the rift between the brothers?

Elsewhere, Jack finds out that Jennifer is using painkillers again. If Gwen spills the beans despite Jennifer’s threats, that could be the beginning of a redemption arc for her. Either way, the pill drama comes to a head this week, as a clip in the spoiler video suggests this when Jennifer gets into a serious car accident!

Check out all eight of our Days of Our Lives spoilers below for more information about what happens.

Chloe tries to enlist Craig to help stop Nancy’s wedding.

The worst part of Clyde having killed Abigail is the fallout for the Wesleys, especially since Chloe is again rooting for one of her parents’ relationships to fail.

Clyde may be evil,  but Nancy loved him. She will be devastated to learn the truth.

Does Chloe care? No. She just wants to be smug about the fact that she knew this person was no good.

Hopefully, the reveal will happen without Craig’s help — he doesn’t need to look to Nancy like a jealous ex who wanted this to happen.

Chad is out for blood.

After learning that Clyde smells like vanilla, Chad is convinced he has the right man and goes on the warpath!

While it appears he’s right, the problem is that this evidence is extremely circumstantial, and Chad has made similar mistakes at least four times before.

While his credibility with Rafe may be shot (sorry for the bad pun!), I wish Chad would at least try to get ahold of him before confronting Clyde with a gun.

Rafe and Jada attempt to track down Abigail’s killer.

The race is on!

The Salem PD is always slow and incompetent, giving ordinary citizens a chance to confront murderers on their own before the authorities arrive.

So far, Jada seems to be the exception to that rule, but we know Chad will confront Clyde, so it’s obvious who wins this race.

Chad learns what happened the night Abigail was murdered.

We’ll get flashbacks of the event; hopefully, they won’t be especially graphic.

They’d better contain a reasonable explanation, too. I want to know, as badly as Chad does, why on Earth Clyde did this.

And let’s leave supernatural demons and other magical devices out of it, please. Let’s hope that either Clyde had a grudge against Abigail or someone paid him off to kill her.

Gwen exposes Jennifer’s secret to Jack.

As discussed above, this could be Gwen’s beginning of a redemption arc. It makes sense, too, because Gwen’s mother died of opioid abuse.

It’s too bad she didn’t stand up to Snyder’s blackmail the same way. Viewers lost interest in Gwen’s redemption two or three awful storylines ago.

Either way, Jack is finally going to get Julie and Doug involved. Maybe the family will do an intervention, which could explain why Mike returns to town soon.

Chad has a heartbreaking goodbye with a vision of Abigail.

Abigail’s ghost will appear to Chad to thank him and say goodbye.

She could have saved a lot of time by appearing to Chad earlier and telling him who killed her, but that wouldn’t have been as fun. Besides, as we learned on Beyond Salem 2, there’s a lot of red tape involved in ghostly appearances!

These scenes will be devastating for Chad, but maybe they will give him the closure he needs to move on.

Allie tells Johnny he’s overstayed his welcome.

Who’s surprised by this? Me neither.

Even though Johnny has moved on with Ava, Allie’s probably jealous of any time he spends with Chanel, and Allie doesn’t like his new choice of girlfriend either.

She’s never happy unless she’s sniping at her brother. If Johnny moves out, she’ll have to track him down to yell at him, so there’s that.

Rex has a surprising realization about Kate’s illness.

Apparently, Rex is back in town. He’s the only one of Kate’s sons who isn’t in trouble for stalkerish behavior, which is ironic considering his obsession with Sarah.

Fortunately, this time around, he’s getting involved in finding a cure for the toxin affecting his mother, Marlena, and Kayla.

I’m curious as to what he realizes. He did work with Rolf before, after all.

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