9-1-1 Exclusive Clip: A Bee Emergency!


Bee stings are seriously no joke.

Whether you’re allergic or not, a series of stings can quickly become a very deadly situation.

And the 118 finds that out in this exclusive clip from 9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 8, which sees them dealing with a young knight whose fallen victim to a bee attack.

Two sisters enjoying their time at the renaissance faire, a wildly entertaining look into the olden days, probably weren’t expecting bees to overrun their outdoor playground.

It’s a terrifying situation, but the 118 gets there promptly and knows exactly what to do to diffuse the situation and assist the young victim. It will be a race against time to stabilize the young girl, but there’s no one better to have in your corner than these exceptional first responders.

Hen and Chimney are two knowledgeable paramedics who always work efficiently together and are always on their A game. Those bee stings won’t stand a chance!

Aside from this bee emergency, the 118 will find themselves at the scene of a poisoning involving a not-so-nice boss. Would a disgruntled employee go so far as to poison their boss? Perhaps quitting would be a better option than prison.

We’ll also see Uncle Buck back in action as he spends some time with his only niece. And won’t that be a sight for sore eyes.

We haven’t seen a lot of Buck and Jee-Yun together, but we’re excited to see what these two get up to. Jee-Yun is growing up so quickly!

Her parents will be house-hunting, an endeavor that can break the spirits of even the most patient humans. But hopefully, they’ll get lucky and find something that fits their family.

That apartment will always be their first family home, but there’s nothing wrong with looking for a little upgrade!

May is also back during this hour, but she’ll be dealing with a disturbed young man that has Athena wondering what kind of danger she’s in. Seeing the mother-daughter duo team up is always nice, but we wish the circumstances weren’t quite so dire.

And we also have Eddie and Carla prepping Christopher for a school dance, and since when is Christopher old enough for school dances? We’re starting to feel a bit old over here!

This hour looks action-packed, with a healthy mix of emergencies and that domestic 9-1-1 feel that makes this series one of the best on television.

Check out the exclusive clip above, and let us know what you’re most looking forward to seeing during this hour in the comments!

And come on back to TV Fanatic after the episode to read our thoughts and share yours, as well.

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