Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 8 Spoilers: Frank Won’t Back Down!


Frank Reagan’s never been one to back down from a fight.

Countless mayors have learned the hard way that if they cross Frank, they’ll have a serious problem on their hands. He’s committed to his principles and won’t go along with anything that he thinks is harmful to the NYPD.

Mayor Chase has long hoped to get the upper hand. And since Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 8 is the series’ fall finale, could Frank go too far?

Technically, the mayor is Frank’s boss. Frank knows that he serves “at the pleasure of the mayor” and could be replaced.

However, it’s not generally in the mayor’s interest to mess with Frank. He’s helping keep crime rates lower than they would otherwise be, and most mayors care more about how Frank is doing his job than whether they enjoy his company.

It’s in the mayor’s interest to take this attitude. If crime rates spike or there’s chaos in the police force thanks to replacing an effective commissioner, the voters will blame the mayor and elect someone else.

Mayor Chase has his own agenda, though. He doesn’t have any great love for the NYPD, and he often sees Frank as an obstacle to his goals.

He’d love to get rid of Frank and has made veiled threats in the past. That won’t deter Frank, but it could put his job in danger.

The super-short spoiler video has only one scene: Frank telling Garrett he isn’t looking for a fight with Chase but won’t back down either.

According to spoilers, the issue is an off-duty cop making political statements.

Cops aren’t supposed to make the NYPD look bad, ever. The cop probably thought he was commenting on his own time, but as Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 7 demonstrated, there’s no such thing.

Suppose an off-duty cop makes a racist or homophobic statement, for example. In that case, that’ll worsen relations between the police and the community, regardless of whether the officer was in uniform at the time.

Similarly, cops are supposed to serve all citizens, so statements denigrating particular government officials and candidates are probably a bad idea; that could make it appear that they have no respect for citizens who support those candidates.

This is different from stating support for Candidate X, which is everyone’s right; it’s unnecessarily disrespectful to those the cop disagrees with.

We don’t know yet what statement the cop makes. Frank could take a different position if the officer says something nasty about Mayor Chase. He’s not going to discipline an officer merely because Chase’s feelings are hurt.

We also don’t know who the officer in question is. Could Hayes be flexing what little power he has by saying negative things on his personal time?

He wasn’t happy about his transfer after he refused to intervene in a violent robbery. Could he now be running his mouth about how unfairly he’s being treated and how the NYPD policies need to be reformed? This would fall under political speech.

It’s unclear how that would lead to a conflict with the mayor. Frank defended another cop’s right to advocate for reform, so the two should have already settled this fight.

While Frank is fighting with the mayor, Jamie also faces an ethical dilemma: his investigation into dirty cops hits close to home.

Could Eddie’s partner be compromised? Badillo initially had an anti-Reagan attitude that was so obnoxious that Eddie didn’t want to work with him, but they’ve finally formed a bond.

If Jamie has to bust Badillo, that will cause problems for him and Eddie, especially since he couldn’t give her a heads-up.

It’s not likely that whatever Jamie finds has to do with Danny, who is hotheaded but not dirty, so if it’s not Badillo, who else could it be?

Danny will have his hands full dealing with a gang attack. Spoilers say that the motive will shock him; he’ll also have to work with a criminal he’s encountered before.

It’s unclear whether he’ll use this guy as a confidential informant or investigate him again. It’s always entertaining when he has to work closely with some guy he arrested, so let’s hope it’s the latter!

Finally, Anthony’s concerned that Jack’s shady business associations could harm Erin’s campaign.

Is that really what Anthony is worried about? Erin’s been tied to Jack for a long time, and she’s been campaigning for a while. Or at least it seems she has, although her DA bid has been off-screen since she announced she was running.

Anthony and Erin’s friendship involves constantly butting heads and then making up. Anthony is essentially Erin’s “work husband–” the guy she works so closely with that it’s like a marriage.

Lately, she’s been spending a lot of time with Jack and may be considering a reconciliation with him. Could that potentially rekindled romance spark jealousy for Anthony?

Even if he has no romantic feelings for Erin, Anthony cares deeply about her, and Erin and Jack trying again would be a terrible idea for so many reasons.

Jack has always been shady, has been unfaithful to Erin in the past, and often uses underhanded methods to win against her in court. Is there any reason to think this relationship could work out better now than it has in the past?

Regardless of the reasons for Anthony’s concerns, Erin won’t listen. That’ll likely be the newest source of conflict for these two.

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