Ginny & Georgia EP Sarah Lampert Discusses Mother & Daughter Feud, Ginny’s Self-Harming


There has been no shortage of relationship drama or teenage angst on Ginny & Georgia Season 2.

TV Fanatic chatted with Executive Producer Sarah Lampert about the mother-and-daughter feud, Georgia’s relationships, the focus on mental health, and the possibility of future seasons.

Check it out below.

Hi Sarah. I’ve always enjoyed the series. So, at the beginning of Ginny and Georgia Season 2, mother and daughter are on opposite sides. How important was it for you to push them apart and then show them repairing their relationship?

Oh, it was everything. So, we always follow three main arcs of the Season. There’s Ginny’s Arc, there’s George’s Arc, and then we give equal credence to the Ginny and Georgia relationship arc.

Season One was all about breaking these characters down and breaking these characters apart. Ginny & Georgia Season 2 was about the slow, albeit very slow, rebuilding of their relationship and rebuilding of these characters’ back up. Right.

Adding on to that, the show’s tagline always says it’s about Ginny and Georgia against a world. How does Ginny come to terms with what she’s learned about her mother?

In Season 2, we see Ginny fight through many emotions and go through a real journey to come to terms with what she knows about her mother. By the end, they both understand each other a little more, and they’re on each other side again by the end of the season, but they do not start that way.

Watching these two come back together is what season two is all about. But I think the asterisk to that is that PI Cordova conversation he has with Ginny at the end of the season, which is your mom’s a dangerous person like she’s dangerous. If this happens again, you’re partly responsible.

I think that resonates with Ginny because she’s like the audience. We’re on Georgia’s side, and we love Georgia. However, he’s not wrong. That’s not a lie, and she does play God. I think the bigger question of the series for Ginny is whether she should fully forgive Mother.

What is the correct answer? And we purposefully ask that question and don’t answer it. So, everyone will have a different opinion.

That’ll be a lot of fun. Yes, I love Georgia and Brianne, who plays her. She’s so fun.

Oh, Brianne is the goat. She is so phenomenal. The entire show doesn’t work without Georgia being adept at navigating all the different tones of the show. Brianne has to be heartbreaking and strong. She has to be vulnerable. She has to be funny. She has to be all these things, like a wonderful mother and an antihero.

She has to be all of these things, and if she’s not able to encapsulate all of these things, the show does not work, so with her acting, she deserves every award. She knocks me away every day. She’s such a comedic actress, and I love the scenes when she’s telling Paul everything at the end of the season.

My favorite thing about her is that she can navigate all the tones of the show so flawlessly. She’s such a tour de force.

How does she juggle other relationships with the men? Especially since she has to play such an act with Paul since everybody else knows who she is, even Joe, who figured out at the end of Season 1 that she’s the one he knew when they were teens?

What’s so wonderful about Georgia’s character is that she’s so multifaceted and dynamic that all three men in her life speak to a different part of her. So, there’s no correct answer for who she should end up with. I think that all three men offer something different to her.

They do. I was always a Georgia and Joe fan. Not that I don’t like Paul, but George and Joe have something enjoyable.

I agree. Joe is one of my favorite characters as well. I love Raymond, who plays that character. You always want to hug him. He’s so wonderful. He’s so funny. He is so strong at being comedic, too but also at being heartbreaking and vulnerable.

I think George and Joe have a complex dynamic relationship that hasn’t fully evolved or been explored.

Well, I hope we get to see more too. Then, Ginny seemed to have a rough season because her self-harming was very sensitive, although we were glad you covered it because it doesn’t get covered in many teen shows. Could you talk a bit about that?

Absolutely, I agree with you 100 %. It’s so important to show because it’s what kids are going through. You can’t sugarcoat that because many people are struggling with this.

It was vital for us to show it realistically and honestly, but at the same time responsibly because we are aware of our teen audience, and the last thing we want to do is trigger anyone.

We made sure to have a licensed psychiatrist on staff who read every single script and gave us notes on every single script. Then, also Mental Health, America has been our partner through this. They watched, read every script and gave notes, watched every cut of the season, and gave notes on that too.

So, we were able to take a lot of care with those storylines. That’s why I’m so grateful that you said that because that was a high A priority for us in the writer’s room as we tackled those issues. At the end of the day, it comes down to the actors, and their performances of those issues were just so powerful and beautiful.

In many ways, they end in a place where we’re starting to take steps down the road of healing, therapy, medication, growth, and supporting one another. So hopefully, it’s a hopeful storyline as well as a complex storyline.

Very true. It also seemed that Ginny had to face her share of bullying when she returned to school because everyone was against her for getting together with Marcus. How did she deal with her mindset of returning there?

What we’re seeing with Ginny in Ginny & Georgia Season 2 with what goes on at school both with MANG and Mr. Gitten and what’s happening in her English class is that this is a character who’s already dealing with a lot of anxiety.

This anxiety is being expounded by all of these outside forces and seeing her Reach a point where she wants to get therapy. She wants to start to find her own voice, find safe spaces for herself, and confront her mother, all of these steps of growth that she goes through this season.

We have to start her in a place of being broken at the beginning of the season to let her begin to heal by the end.

Thank you. The end of the season leaves some possibilities for future seasons. Do you know how many seasons you’d like this series to go?

Yes, I always have. So, when Deb and I pitched the show to Netflix, we had four seasons planned, and it was always going to be that in our heads. That being said, my favorite storylines are actually in season 3 that we have planned. So, I would love a third season, at least.

Fingers crossed for that Season 3 renewal.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.

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