Hunters Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Duck. Quail. Goose. Crow.


It is not a plan if it doesn’t hit some snags.

The hunters are captured by someone who has been watching them for a while, leading to an even bigger team. Two not-so-sweet reunions happen on Hunters Season 2 Episode 3.

Jonah meets his grandmother’s sister, who is also a hunter, and they collide due to the similarities in their personalities.

The now bigger team continues their hunt for Hitler while Hitler decides to get them before they get him.

Clara finds her way to Argentina because Jonah has some questions to answer.

Remember the mysterious lady in white who opened the episode on Hunters Season 2, Episode 1, and gouged the eyes out of a Nazi in Austria?

Well, we met Chava, hunter extraordinaire, Ruth’s sister and Jonah’s grandaunt.

Chava: I know she lives in you.
Jonah: Who?
Chava: Ruth.
Jonah: You … didn’t know my safta
Chava: Ruth was my sister.
Jonah: Ruth’s sister died in the camps.
Chava: Well… then I must be a ghost.

It also seemed Sister Harriet and Chava knew each other and had been working together all along. The fact that they both were localized in Austria should have been the earliest clue.

The entry of Chava into the fold upset the delicate dynamic that existed between the hunters. Jonah had since filled the vacant seat of the leader after Meyer’s death.

Jonah: I-I’m not taking orders from you, Auntie. Remember, the only reason why we’re here right now is because I found Klaus.
Chava: Oh, right. You’re Herr Leader now. You murdered Meyer to become boy king.
Jonah: I murdered The Wolf and thwarted a Fourth Reich in America.

Chava was the leader of the other group of hunters, and only she and George were the remaining members. This was the earliest source of conflict between the two.

Later on, we learned that Jonah felt a certain type of way because Chava, even after Ruth’s death, never reached out to him. He suffered so much loneliness, although there was someone who could guide him on hunting and even console him.

George and Lonny struck up a friendship based on a mutual understanding of the other person. George can see through the pain Lonny is harboring while Lonny sees how good-looking George is. See, very understanding.

Even with the frail state of affairs in the group, the hunt for Hitler doesn’t stop.

But now that they had nearly messed up, they had to find the next steps. Chava was a welcome addition to the group because she prevents their accidental murdering streak, which messes things up.

The next person who could have led to Hitler was someone named The Crow.

He’s the Reich’s chief assassin.


The Crow was supposed to take the briefcase from Klaus and go with it to meet Hitler. So, to get Hitler, act like everything is normal, set the case where it can be easily picked, and follow whoever picks it. Hopefully, they take it to The Crow.

Meyer is very spooked in the past and now sets his purpose on finding any ex-Nazi who might know who he is and kill them. He finds one with a folder containing information about him and kills him.

But this confirmed his fears that he might not be as anonymous as he thought. Will this inform him to make the team dedicated to hunting and killing all ex-Nazis in North America?

Duties were divided. The four ladies track down The Crow’s security. George and Lonny watch the briefcase to see who picks it while Jonah and Chava try to identify the one who could be The Crow.

The ladies were nearly overpowered because that man was huge. Mindy felt underappreciated just because she was old. Can’t wait until she proves them wrong.

George, on the other hand, has been saddled with a dopehead. Lonny is starting to suffer withdrawal since they hadn’t used in a while. He is impatient, erratic, and paranoid. He freaked out when they were in the sauna when he was most needed.

The moral lesson is never to take a drug addict to a brawl because they might be the final front to protect you from death, and you will most likely be killed.

Jonah and Chava partook in a game of testing wits. They tried to avoid the emotions running through them by trying to identify The Crow. And even when they do, none of them tells the other person that they have.

It was a dangerous game they were playing here. Trust is needed in a team, and they don’t trust each other.

Millie developed another problem when she lost something valuable in the showdown between the ladies and The Crow’s security guy. It was an important item that could incriminate her in the murder of the bishop and send her to prison.

Hitler, on the other hand, had a play to make. He had been keeping tabs on the hunters’ whereabouts, and now, with all the people they had killed in Argentina, they outed their whereabouts. It wasn’t that hard to find them when  all they did was leave a trail of Nazis

He wouldn’t wait for them to find him first. With two very dangerous men in his arsenal, why not get them first?

Are you ready, Joe? This is what we’ve been preparing for. Find them. And bring me their scalps. The Hunters.


At the same time, Jonah’s fiancée found him in the hotel in Argentina. Unknowingly, she had inserted herself into a very dangerous situation with all that was happening.

How will Jonah get out of this?

What did you think of the episode?

Let us know in the comments section below.

The Hunters went after Hitler, and Hitler went after them.

Did you see that coming?

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