Your Honor Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Part Twenty


So satisfying yet quite unsatisfying.

Secrets came out during Eugene’s trial on Your Honor Season 2 Episode 10, blowing Eugene’s case open and affording him some semblance of freedom.

We could have guessed the outcome of Eugene’s trial early on based on the arguments his attorney presented to the court and jury on Your Honor Season 2 Episode 9.

Lee never sought to argue that Eugene didn’t kill Adam Desiato. She only wanted to show that there were extenuating circumstances that didn’t excuse his actions but served to explain them and make him more understandable and human.

There were very many directions the case could have gone, but the guilty verdict was the last one in my mind. He was guilty of something but not first-degree murder.

The general expectations were that the jury to find him innocent, opening another Pandora’s box. There was no way the Baxters would just let him live. They would continue to hunt him down, and it would be the same thing all over again.

It was also possible that the judge would rule a mistrial. When it is done afresh, mistrials end up without a not guilty verdict.

No one could have predicted that he would be put in protective custody, which was a much better compromise than other options.

The keyword there is compromise. I am a firm believer in people facing the consequences of their actions. And the fact was Eugene had killed somebody. It might have been an accident, but someone died nevertheless.

This was Eugene’s first offense. The offense was an accident; that much is clear. Killing someone is not a small thing. Getting away with killing should not be taken lightly.

It might seem unfair that I was not entirely satisfied with the trial’s outcome.

If someone gets away with a crime, they become emboldened. They figure if they got away with it first, why not the second time?

That was my biggest concern when it came to Eugene. What if he got away with killing Adam only to do it again to someone else?

I would have expected him to serve some time, not exceeding eighteen months, to get things into perspective for him, and thirty, ten, or even five years seemed like overkill.

How things turned out might work in his favor because he always keeps checking to avoid falling into the wrong crowd. Olivia’s final words to him were my exact thoughts.

[to Eugene] Stay out of trouble, okay?


And look what happened with Michael.

Even after all that, he still went to prison to serve the rest of his sentence. And that’s how it should be.

The perversion of justice Michael participated in cannot go unpunished, no matter the motivation and how much we sympathize with his plight.

The highlight of the episode was the conclusion of the trial.

Michael and Eugene’s witness testimony is what blew the case open. Michael, having learned his lesson, opted not to lie.

His testimony could have proven damning if Eugene had not taken the stand. Lee was struggling, and her defense was crumbling. She avoided defending Eugene’s actions, but it was proving hard when it was all everyone wanted to discuss.

Every witness said they saw him shoot Adam, and statistically, there was no way close to a dozen people could be wrong unless someone coached them. No one coached them.

The DA caught on, and every objection made it harder for her to mount any defense. She had started to get through to the jury when Eugene began to talk about his family, but when Lee pushed it further, the DA clocked the veiled attempt at soliciting sympathy.

Michael’s sharp mind is what saved both Eugene and Lee. Eugene was one foot in prison, and Lee was in the final days of her law career.

Everyone keeps saying… “mother and her children.” My mom was Female Jones, and her kids were Goodluck, Sophie… and Rose. And they have names.


It had occurred to me that there was a way to prove it wasn’t a gas leak that killed Eugene’s family, but I was bummed I didn’t connect the dots. The only question worth asking was why he went to buy food when he could have cooked. Either there was nothing to cook, or there was nothing to cook with.

Eugene: We couldn’t cook… because we didn’t have any gas.
Lee: Your gas had been shut off. Eugene, are you sure about that?
Eugene: Yeah, we-we didn’t have enough money for-for bills, or…. We didn’t have gas for weeks.

It was so gratifying seeing him realize that he was right all along. There was no way a gas leak from gas that was off could have killed his family.

This was also the moment Fia’s entire life came crumbling down. Her dad had sworn that it was a gas leak with such confidence that you would have thought he was there. When the lie came out, Fia realized her whole life had been a lie.

The betrayal from her father was what hurt the most.

If Heaven does exist, Rocco is the only one who’s going to be there.


Speaking of daughters and fathers, Gina had always been close to her father, and hearing him deny her right because of her gender must have hurt her.

She decided to take matters into her own hands and played him. She then called the cops on him, immediately eliminating her husband and overbearing father. That was a stroke of genius, but I pity the Baxter estate in her hands.

Gina: What the hell do you want?
Big Mo: Just hoping to talk to the man of the house.
Gina: He’s indisposed.
Big Mo: Oh, that’s too bad. Just curious to see if he’d given any more thought to my offer he rejected, but…
Gina: What offer?
Big Mo: Oh, he didn’t tell you? I tried to sell him the club. Knew you’d want to get me off the block, but… guess it doesn’t matter to him.
Gina: Excuse me.

She is impulsive and acts on emotions only. She has Carlo, whom we have established can’t put two and two together by himself as her right-hand man. Woe to that city if they are to be leaders for long.

Big Mo made a clean break, selling her bar and expanding her operation. She lost the love of her life, but such is the nature of the job.

We concluded the remaining major storylines, but some new ones opened up, setting up a potential third season.

Michael and Eugene’s fate was sealed, but what about those who were left? Neither Jimmy nor Carmine died. Will they be seeking vengeance against Gina? Fia left Rocco with Father Jay, and a couple adopted him.

Will she regret the decision and return for her child? Will Gina let other people raise the child, or will she want her grandson back? If she takes him, will this be the thing that prompts Fia’s return?

An interesting character like Charlie was greatly underused even with the secrets still being preserved between him and Michael.

There are many directions the story could take in case there is a third season.

This season was slightly downgraded from the first because they lost the secret ingredient that made this a nerve-wracking show. With Michael not being a judge anymore, the stakes were much lower than before.

It felt like Michael was there for a break before returning to prison.

Even Olivia’s storyline amounted to nothing substantial despite being heavily integrated into the promos for the second season. Sure, she did get Carmine, but it all felt like it just fell into place without any substantial work on her part.

The season was stellar in its own right, and the show deserves another, but maybe they’ll have to rename it to something else because Your Honor doesn’t quite work anymore.

What did you think of the season finale?

Should the show get another season, or should this season be the final verdict?

Let us know in the comments section.

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