The Company You Keep Exclusive Clip: Birdie & Simon Clear The Air


Do you have your tissues ready?

Coming off their reunion in The Company You Keep Season 1 Episode 6, Simon and Birdie meet up again in The Company You Keep Season 7, and their heartbreaking conversation leads to many tears for both parties.

Ahead of the packed hour, TV Fanatic was lucky enough to get an exclusive clip that shows the former couple getting honest and Simon asking for another chance.

Simon made quite the impression when he showed back up in Birdie’s life, and his assistance was invaluable, as he helped the Nicolettis pull off another con at Daphne’s request.

But there is still an enormous chasm between the two, mainly formed when their relationship ended years ago.

Birdie still has questions, and we’ll be getting some of those answers as the two sit down for an intense chat in the exclusive clip.

You can tell there are still a lot of feelings between the former couple, but more important than that right now is their daughter and how they will navigate Simon’s reappearance.

There is still so much for these two to discuss, and this may be the first of many conversations.

Elsewhere during this hour, we’ll see Charlie working for Emma as a CIA asset, a role that will probably take some time for him to adjust to.

Trying to play Daphne and gather intel will come with its own set of problems, and it’ll be interesting to see how Charlie goes about obtaining information.

He’s a master con man and used to playing a role, but this is different. And the fact that his ex (?) will also be along for the ride is undoubtedly an added complication.

And for her part, we’ll have to see how Emma feels watching Charlie do what he does. She only knows one side of him but is about to see something else entirely.

With only a few episodes left this season, we’re prepared for anything to happen with Charlie, Emma, Birdie, Simon, and the whole crew!

This season has been so much fun, and we expect that trend to continue to the finale. With a healthy dose of drama and deception mixed in!

Make sure you check out the clip down below, and let us know in the comments what you think is in store for us during the next installment!

The Company You Keep airs Sundays on ABC at 10/9c, and you can follow our reviews here weekly at TV Fanatic. 

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