Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 4 Review: The Person In Your Ear

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The Intern is a psychopath.

Can you imagine tossing someone over the side of a high rise? If I was of such a mind, I’d be scared the person would hang on so tight that they’d take me with them.

But not The Intern! He’s a formidable little effer.

After Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 4, it’s clear that he won’t be deterred by anything. How many people under Crowley’s thumb would talk to him like The Intern did?

Madi was trying to get a line on The Intern (is his name Kyle… the promo materials never use the name, although he introduced himself that way), but it seems like he’ll be hard to pin down, let alone get anything concrete on. And if she does, what will he do to her?

I shudder to think of the ways The Intern can pull one over on Madi. But at least she’s focusing on the kid instead of John, which gives them a little wiggle room. They needed it.

John, Ben, Hailey, and Edward were on the move again. John’s safehouses seem to be hidden in plain sight. Are they really safehouses at all? The first was his childhood home, and the next is right in the middle of the city.

John: You gotta connect the digital antenna. It’s right there.
Hailey: How many of these do you have?
John: Antennas? Just the one.
Hailey: No, I mean creepy secret hideouts.
John: I don’t know. A lot. I keep searching these government auction sites. I can’t help myself.

Part of the fun of Rabbit Hole is imagining how many such places John has and what they may look like. Now we know he’s got a lot more places with walls filled with electronics.

He’d be a fun guy to have around.

It’s not lost on Ben that John is experiencing severe PTSD, which dad was kind enough to be concerned about even though he was the one who kicked it into overdrive in the first place.

I hadn’t even thought of the fact that seeing Valence do his backward dive off of the balcony would trigger John’s past trauma. Sometimes, I can be blind to it, which is strange since I suffer similarly.

What makes this episode special is that Hailey is on board as part of John’s team, and even Edward is reconsidering everything he thought he lost when he saw how “sad” his wife looked.

Top-Knot Kevin put Homm right where the team needed him. He even got to feel a little James Bond-like, which at at time like that can really stroke the ego.

And I really appreciated Homm’s explanation of NFTs, which made more sense than anyone else who has tried explaining them. It’s like fake money. It’s a useless nothing that, like art, allows people to move money around as if it has value when it has no intrinsic value at all other than the amount someone places on it.

It’s brilliant for the wealthy to use things like NFTS in addition to their artworks and fine wines and whiskeys. Normal people will never understand the brilliance on that level, and many gullible types will be conned into losing their life savings on something that could lose its perceived value in an instant.

A plan was hatched to get some inside information about the man Homm was investigating, Elliott Gau, so it was all hands on deck at an auction bringing together some of the top nefarious types in the city.

Hailey got thrown for a loop when her sting as an FBI agent had her coming face-to-face with the people she’d swindled after her unfair treatment. Now we know that when it comes to Crowley, she really wasn’t on the inside of anything, and just like John, she’s a pawn in a game she didn’t know she was playing.

She was even more shocked when Ben strode into the event, acting as if he was Crowley. For a second there, it seemed like she could have believed it. Since she double-crossed her former employer, why not consider that Ben might be doing some double-crossing himself?

But Ben isn’t Crowley, and his appearance outed his death ruse when Gau snapped a photo of him and sent it to Crowley. There goes the element of surprise and the advantage his “death” gave him.

John thought he was in the clear and still an unknown until Edward gleefully told them about the honeytrap — the app John was on when Hailey found him.

Things are getting a little out of hand, so John admitted they needed more help, and the team that was killed in the explosion was another fakeout. They’re alive.

What’s wrong with you people? Is this shit fun to you?


At this point, you have to wonder how much of what we’ve seen already isn’t at all what it seems. How many layers of deception have John and Ben created alone and together that still have to be revealed?

As all of these things were playing out, the throughline of the story, the conspiracy theory, if you will, was heating up all around them.

I couldn’t tell if Morgan Shaw was supposed to be an Alex Jones type, but this quote from his podcast suggests not.

Billionaires bankroll vaccines to insert nanodevices into every American, which the NSA, using the 5G spectrum, can use to control us. If you are one of the millions of Americans who believe this to be true, then you are a victim of a massive disinformation operation intended to distract you from the real truth, the real conspiracy. The real truth is that a cabal of the rich and powerful are working behind the scenes to consolidate their control over every aspect of American society. You buy what they want you to buy. You click what they want you to click on. You stare at your screens, oblivious to the fact that their hand is in your pocket. Wake up, sheeple!


If he was supposed to be the Alex Jones type, wouldn’t he believe the implant story instead of suggesting that if you do, you’re falling for the rhetoric that the elite and powerful want you to believe to keep you distracted, uninformed, and at each other’s throats?

Nonetheless, that’s a great quote, and governments the world over do it ad nauseum. They push a narrative, and when they can’t push it anymore, they might suddenly release the truth, but it’s well after the damage has been done. But more often, they leave it dangling out there so more people fall into its trap.

Trust no one, as Mulder says. Except, as John says, the voice in your ear.

Every time John said always to listen to the voice in your ear, I wondered if he considered that Valence did that. Valence trusted the voice so implicitly that he purposefully fell off of a high-rise building to his demise.

Who is Crowley? How well does Ben know him? Why didn’t he know him well enough to help Valence not fall for his slick and sick command?

Like you, I have no idea. But this is such a fun ride, even if it’s borderline absurd. I’m talking about how quickly Ben and Hailey descended a high-rise in the dark or when John used a crowbar to cut the electricity while standing in a foot of water. Really?

And what kind of martial arts lessons has Hailey had that she was acting as if she’s been an agent all along? Or is she actually an agent of some kind?

Again, I’ve got no idea. But let the band play on and the fun continue!

What did you think of “The Person In Your Ear”? Do you have any theories? What else will come undone in the episodes to come? If you’ve made it this far, drop below and leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

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