Succession Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Connor’s Wedding


Did you see that coming?

Succession Season 4 Episode 3 was a game-changer, and it ensures that the protracted climb to the top of Logan’s empire will be in overdrive.

We did not receive review screeners, but I had the opportunity to see this episode before the season began and wanted to have something up at the top of the hour, given the enormity of what happened.

“Connor’s Wedding” is a game changer. It was also one of the best hours of television in 2023 and the decade so far.

Logan Roy is dead.

That’s a tough pill to swallow, but it fits perfectly into the Roy family saga.

Succession Season 1 found Logan on the cusp of retirement. His health was in decline. He was ready to pass the baton to one of his children.

The closer he got to doing that, the harder it was for him to accomplish it. His initial thought of anointing Kendall as the chosen one tarnished, and with that began an all-out war between the siblings and other various underlings about what the future of Waystar Royco might look like.

By Succession Season 3, Logan tipped his hat at one time or another in the direction of three of his children. When the rubber met the road, and Logan needed someone to guide the company in his absence, it was Gerri who took the reins.

Ultimately, Instead of passing on the enormous corporation to one or more people, he chose to sell it outright, making his own dynasty a bit smaller and everyone in it a whole lot richer.

Succession Season 4 Episode 2 addressed just how broken the family was, but it also offered just a bit of closure.

Kendall, Shiv, and Roman have been harboring so much animosity toward their father, and when they pushed the narrative a bit, he offered a slight apology. It wasn’t much, but that will stand as the last time the five of them, Connor included, were together, trying to bridge the vast chasm between them.

That Logan’s death played out over Connor’s wedding was par for the course when it comes to his eldest son. Connor got the short stick his entire life. Even if Logan hadn’t died, he seemingly had no plans to be with Connor on his big day anyway.

The only child who wasn’t out in the cold was Roman, but he didn’t receive a warm embrace from his father. Instead, dear old dad wanted Roman to act as his gladiator, tearing the heads off of those who needed it as he dove in headfirst swim full-time in ITN waters.

The longer we’ve come to know Roman, the less he fits into the vision his dad had of him.

With deal-making threatening to tear up the one forged between Logan and Lukas Mattson, everyone was on the edge of their seats, holding out for even more than the billions on the table.

Connor’s wedding was a chance for everyone to gather as a family, but instead, Connor was thinking about his bid for the White House while everyone else was focused on the big score.

If Shiv and Kendall hadn’t sided with Stewie and Sandy, maybe Logan would have been with family, not as stressed about the impending deal, and he wouldn’t have died. Or, at least, he wouldn’t have died alone, away from the family he struggled to love.

Instead, Logan was on a last-minute flight to meet with Matsson, surrounded by business contacts instead of family. Only Tom, who was anxious about his relationship with Logan in the wake of his impending divorce from Shiv, bridged that divide.

Kudos to all talent involved as the news circled around. Every actor was incredible in the emotionally wrought scenes. Their performances humanized every character when it was needed the most.

Kendall and Roman chucked everything else in their attempt to connect with their father and spoke into his ear by phone, each of them taking turns telling Logan he was a good Dad, and they love him. It’s OK. It was about as real as it gets. It was total emotional chaos, and if you’ve ever been through it, Succession nailed it.

Roman: They, they think he’s gone. They think he’s gone.
Shiv: What do you mean?
Roman: They think, well, they think Dad died.

In moments like that, everything that came before, all the animosity and bad feelings evaporate as you realize you’ll never have the chance to make it right. It’s now or never.

Shiv came in late but, like the others, hoped she could reach her dad in some way to say goodbye. Sarah Snook’s panic was perfection. Saying she loved him and it was OK was as heartbreaking as it was powerful.

Kendall: Is he OK at all?
Tom: No, he’s not OK.

Snook, Kieran Culkin, and Jeremy Strong were as good as they’ve ever been. You look at the story thus far in Succession Season 4, and you thank God that Shiv, Roman, and Kendall were closer than they’ve ever been, if even for a while, leading into Logan’s death.

When Logan made a call and said to rally the troops, saying, “My Dad’s dying,” it tossed me back to 1997, when I said the same thing to a coworker from my Dad’s hospital room. It’s surreal and painful, but you power through, acting as if it all makes sense when it most certainly does not. Death is like that.

And each one of the Roy kids did what they do best. For Kendall, that meant going into crisis mode, trying to round up every doctor he could to be on the line and waiting for Logan’s arrival on the ground.

The Roys are one messed up family, but with Logan’s death, we’re also reminded they are incredibly human, too. They can be some of the nastiest people, but it all stems from how they were raised.

Losing their father will test them on every level. It could also tear them apart. If Kendall, Shiv, and Roman finally found peace with each other and managed to work on common goals, the fight to stand in Logan’s shoes will take on new energy after his death. It’s a shame since they seemed together when faced with the worst.

Expect the gloves to come off as soon as the realization that Dad is gone wears away. With this family, that will take about 90 minutes. It will likely seem like a royal death match with everyone, with even the smallest stake in the company rising up to claim a part of it.

What are your thoughts about taking out Logan so early in the final season?

I think it’s a brilliant and bold move, and I fully understand why creator Jesse Armstrong wanted to bring the series to a close this season.

Well, I’ve gathered my thoughts. How about the rest of you?

How do you feel about Logan’s sudden death? What comes next?

Hit the comments below!

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