Fire Country Season 1 Episode 20 Review: At the End of My Rope


Some people thrive when there is conflict, so they can swoop in and play the good or neutral party.

Vince and Luke’s father visited on Fire Country Season 1 Episode 20, and apart from his health problems giving everyone anxiety, his attitude did too.

Bode was confronted with a choice elsewhere, and whether he made the right one for himself remains to be seen.

His feud with Sleeper was a test. Life has a way of putting people in a position where they must make a choice that might affect the direction of their life.

Since he learned he was eligible for parole, Bode existed in two worlds. There was his current reality and environment, which demanded he plays by certain rules.

On the other side, a world was waiting for him that was opposite, and he wanted to be part of it so badly.

But whatever happens, Bode will always protect those he cares most about. He might have a funny way of going about it, but as long as he achieves his intended results, the consequences be damned.

Sleeper: I know you remember how I am with snitches… and their loved ones.
Bode: Don’t ever threaten my people.

Sleeper was not an easy target. He was ruthless to the extent of cutting Bode using a power saw. Someone like that has no limit.

He liked playing mind games which can be infuriating, especially for Bode.

Like most criminals, his stupidity was his downfall because he deemed himself smarter than Bode. A common question is posed on whether a student can be better than his teacher, and so far, no one has been able to answer in the affirmative.

However, if one thing was clear, the student could be as good as their teacher, and Bode had learned well.

Freddy: How’d you know that punk would set me up?
Bode: He taught me everything I know.

When Sleeper was arrested, it was almost disappointing to see him taken away because good villains are hard to come across, and he was good.

Fingers crossed that he keeps his promise to Bode and returns.

Bode: I tried to warn you.
Sleeper: And I’m warning you. This isn’t over.

Grandpa Leone visited. From how he was received, one could tell that he was popular.

Ever met someone who you really like or want to be friends with, but the moment they open their mouth to talk, you feel like slapping them?

Walter was one such person. The best thing was that his sons knew him and had gotten used to his personality such that they could detect his nonsense from afar.

It was refreshing to hear him talk as he didn’t bullsh*t, but filterless people don’t know when to shut up.

One could have blamed his words on his age, but it wasn’t like he had begun recently.

Walter came with Luke, who we remembered because of the infamous pass he made at Sharon. Sharon shut it down quickly and ignored it but did not forget.

Apart from the fact that she was his brother’s wife, it was an incredibly selfish thing to do to someone who was terminally ill.

He also dared to get mad at Vince for “cheating” on Sharon.

Has he never heard of the phrase that two wrongs don’t make a right?

Vince might have been wrong in kissing someone else, and Luke was wrong in kissing his brother’s wife. Vince’s mistake did not absolve Luke of his mistakes.

[To Walter] You numbed him. You took him to that stupid bar night after night until he was so drunk that he was far, so far away from himself. He made a mistake. One time he kissed another woman. And you know what? I forgave him because that’s what love is.


Jake finally forgave Sharon and Vince.

Sharon knew she had broken his trust, and the only way to get it back was to show trust in him.

The rescue provided a perfect opportunity for that to happen. 

Vince apologized genuinely, but the results were the same.

The mine collapse emergency could have fallen flat but was elevated by the little twists. It wasn’t as thrilling as many others, but the stakes were high enough to get someone invested in seeing the whole thing through.

Where children are concerned, everyone cares a little more.

We had Eve return to her form, and while that was great to see, it still felt like they had brushed past her trauma.

While talking to someone helps, it can’t be the only solution to unique situations. Because it worked for Jake, it doesn’t mean it should work for Eve, considering that they have different trauma sources.

One might say that Eve working on Freddy’s case was one way of healing; in all fairness, they might be right.

However, we still needed more!

Manny’s relationship with his fire CEO seemed to be going great, but it distracted him from his responsibilities at the fire camp. He is a damn good captain; not even Bode can get anything past him.

He needed to pay more attention to his job if he was not planning on taking her up on her offer.

While Bode was deciding who he wanted to be, Gabriela was deciding who to be with. Kyle presented stability and normalcy, while Bode was wild.

It was surprising to see her choose him still, even with the realizations she made about herself on Fire Country Season 1 Episode 19.

She helped Bode choose between playing by prison rules or doing the correct thing. He decided to do the correct thing, but whether that was right for him will depend on the results of the parole hearing.

“At the End Of My Rope” wasn’t as show-stopping as other episodes but offered more on the characters’ front.

What did you think? Was Bode right in snitching?

Does he and Gabriela still stand a chance?

Seven days until the parole hearing. Are you nervous?

Let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to watch Fire Country online via TV Fanatic.

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