Riverdale Season 7 Episode 9 Review: Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Six: Betty & Veronica Double Digest


There’s a monster of mischief terrorizing the Babylonium. Well, more like a cruel foe sabotaging all of Veronica’s efforts to make the theater a success.

Veronica’s future in the movie business hit its make-or-break moment on Riverdale Season 7 Episode 9.

This chapter was a turning point for her story, so having most of the screen time focused on her plot was a pleasant affair. The same goes for Betty’s steamy trip through her fantasies. An equal balance for two big stories.

“Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Six: Betty & Veronica Double Digest” chose a strong approach by narrowing the plots down to only be about Betty and Veronica. No distractions or side plots to pepper into the mix (except Jughead’s framing device), but a clear focus on two main characters.

It’s an interesting style because it helped wrap up some looming questions while pushing their plots forward with new hurdles.

Riverdale isn’t shy about setting a chapter structure.

Just look to Riverdale Season 7 Episode 5, when the plots were framed as short stories, as a clear example. This latest adventure didn’t tackle the strange and paranormal, but it captured the magic of reading a Betty & Veronica comic book.

Come on, Betty & Veronica can carry a show! We’ve known this ever since Riverdale Season 1 Episode 1. The BFFs have great chemistry together on screen; it’s absolute magic.

Betty: How do you see it?
Dr. Werthers: As an academic institution meant to provide a safe environment where students can challenge themselves intellectually without being morally and physically compromised.
Betty: Well, you obviously haven’t spent any time in gym class.

Their plots here carried through the runtime seamlessly and dropped a few breadcrumbs for things to come. And the style choice didn’t feel like we were missing out on other tales as most characters were involved in the stories.

Riverdale should consider using this dual/comic book treatment again.

When it came to Veronica’s story, she continued to show how strong and resilient she was through everything.

Can’t her movie star parents just back off and be supportive? Are they really that petty over a failed parking lot?!

Sabotaging her efforts at the theater and blackballing her in the movie business was low.

Veronica: And you, Reginald? Shall I save you a seat beside me? I mean, surely you know what Jimmy Deane used to do in high school, I hope?
Reggie: What’s that?
Veronica: He was a basketball star, Reggie. Just like you.

Based on the previous owner, the business wasn’t that thriving to begin with. Hiram and Hermoine could’ve waited to see if she could turn things around. Their meddling only fueled her fire further.

And the debacle with the East of Eden no-show could’ve been enough to end the business. It’s a miracle Veronica was able to salvage the reputation, let alone bring in new viewers.

Can we all agree her “4D” gimmick was a clever idea?

Sure, it ripped off William Castle, but it’s all an homage. No one else in the town of Riverdale was doing something like that.

Those eyeball monster costumes could’ve scared anyone in the dark (and with glasses)!

Though, Veronica will need to come up with some new ideas. Not every film will be horror and can rely on monster costumes; she’ll have to play the 4D gimmick where it can work well.

The takeaway feeling after Veronica’s story was bittersweet. She got what she wanted professionally, but everything else seemed to suffer.

Like she fixed the business and won over the movie studios, but her family and love life took a hit.

Veronica: This is a rerelease in stunning 4D.
Cheryl: Don’t you mean 3D?
Veronica: Oh no, 3D is so 1952. This is 4D, Cheryl. A new fourth dimension of terror.
Dilton Doily: Time is the fourth dimension. Do you mean time?
Veronica: Shut up, Dilton.

We can’t ignore that she left Reggie waiting for over half an hour while she took calls. It’s understandable since she had work, but it was still rude.

We can ignore her parents’ decision to cut her off. They’re jerks, and she’s better off without them.

But with Reggie, it seemed like 1955 Riverdale life was repeating itself from the present.

I enjoyed the comparisons because they showed that certain things are doomed to repeat themselves, even when they don’t realize it. A few qualities are ingrained in these characters; it’s part of their layers and wants.

Veronica shouldn’t be faulted for her business ambition.

Maybe her destiny isn’t with Reggie? They need to figure out what they can give and take if it is.

In Betty’s case, she shouldn’t be faulted for her fantasies and her passion.

If she wants to date Archie, let her! If she wants to explore other options, we’re here for bisexual Betty. She should go for her dreams, whatever they are.

Much of Betty’s journey since Riverdale Season 7 Episode 3 has been about discovering herself.

Her fantasies are no different than that journey. It was uncomfortable how Dr. Werthers seemed to condemn her and be intrigued in the same breath; he actively worked against what he thought he was doing.

One of the best parts of “Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Six: Betty & Veronica Double Digest” was how Betty processed the meaning behind her sexual fantasies and daydreams.

Dr. Werthers, in his narrow mind, tried to lead her down one path, but Betty quickly walked circles around him. As a teenager, she came to a very clear and mature realization about herself and her wants.

That’s the type of breakthrough any professional would love to hear. (But not Dr. Werthers; he can barely muster anything brilliant outside his notebook.)

Dr. Werthers: In what particular way?
Betty: Well, I’m just now realizing that I don’t think I want to get married. At least not any time soon, maybe never. I want to make an impact on the world. Instead of, or in addition to, just having a family.

I loved that her character experienced growth and discovered something new about herself. The moment was a very empowering scene.

Kudos to Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty, for how she did in the scene. You could see the gears turning on her face as she’s slowly processing the realization and coming to her conclusion. A nicely subtle and impactful scene.

Dr. Werthers, on the other hand, was the creep we all expected him to be.

Was anyone else grossed out by the discovery of his interest in Betty and her fantasies?

For someone so against the “evil” in Riverdale, he was jotting down a lot of notes about what she said. He was very fascinated by what she had to say. And for an adult working at her school, he crossed the line with many of his questions.

Betty should’ve considered reporting him for his behavior. Not just for his fascination but for him revealing details of their sessions to Alice; that goes against every doctor/patient confidentiality clause.

Speaking of Alice, why won’t she talk to Betty? Is it that hard to have a conversation?

Something happened within that family and her past that caused all this tension. Her behavior can’t only be about Betty’s recent fantasies; she was too fixated to be only about that.

And Hal jumping in to stop the chat was so frustrating. The future Black Hood needs to back off!

Alice acted like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

If she doesn’t want to be Betty’s mother anymore, she needs to live with those consequences. Betty shouldn’t ever forget that her mother was willing to throw her away.

Last Thoughts From Sweetwater River:

  • I get that Jughead was heartbroken over Mr. Rayberry’s death, but he was acting like a drama queen. He needs to take a walk and stop drinking milkshakes.
  • Betty has loved Archie for many years. Their childhood game was so adorable.
  • Why didn’t Veronica check the movie reel before the event? I’ll admit that one was a bad planning move as the owner.
  • Betty has a lot of sexual daydreams. She can’t think of much else based on the montage.

Now, over to you, Riverdale fans.

What did you think of “Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Six: Betty & Veronica Double Digest”?

Will Veronica’s parents ever apologize for their behavior? What is going on with Alice? Does Sheriff Keller have any new updates about Mr. Rayberry’s case?

If you missed the latest episode of Riverdale, you can watch Riverdale online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Justin Carreiro is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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