Days of Our Lives Round Table: Salem Mourns Victor Kiriakis


Victor Kiriakis was killed in a plane crash as Maggie and his family were left to grieve his loss back in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Monica from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to choose their favorite flashbacks, debate whether Chloe should accept Xander’s proposal, if Li’s gift had ominous intent, and if Paulina should be mayor?

And it was Suzanne Rogers’ (Maggie) 50th anniversary on Days of Our Lives. See what our round table team thought of the celebration…

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

It was Suzanne Rogers’ 50th anniversary with Days of Our Lives. Do you have a favorite Maggie storyline?

Monica: I remember watching Maggie and Victor’s courtship a zillion years ago and finding it very sweet and realistic. I’m *not* old enough to have seen the storyline shown on Friday of Julie saving Maggie from an oven fire, but I sure wish I had!

I also hadn’t known that Maggie died once or was thought to be dead. Is there anyone in Salem who hasn’t come back from the dead?

Jack: Maggie has been on Days of Our Lives longer than I’ve been watching. I was intrigued by the flashback of Maggie rescuing Julie from the oven fire, and I would love to see more of that! I’m also fascinated by her original struggle with alcohol.

Of stories I have seen, I loved Maggie falling in love with Victor, and any time she helps Brady or Lucas stay away from alcohol (or, in Brady’s case, addiction to relationships) is always well worth watching.

Christine: Oh, I loved all of this. And I’m aging myself, but as I’ve literally watched the show my entire life, I remember Maggie and Mickey well. They were before the soap super couple craze of the 1980s, but they were a Salem staple for years.

But there was something about Maggie and Victor that was so unexpectedly sweet. It makes me want to go back and watch their courtship all over again.

The Kiriakis family mourned Victor. Were you happy with the flashbacks and how these scenes were handled now that the show is addressing John Aniston’s death?

Monica: I just loved seeing the old flashbacks! It’s amazing that so many cast members are the same as in decades past that Days can replay all those old clips.

The flashbacks from the last few years were less fun. And don’t get me started on the “new normal” of flashbacks from earlier in the same episode! That drives me bananas.

Jack: I was thrilled! Victor deserved a big send-off, and those clips we got back in December weren’t nearly enough.

I’m glad that Days showed various people’s reactions to and relationship with Victor as well as a lot of different flashbacks. This is much better than that one-scene discussion at the Pub that Stefano got after Joe Mascolo’s death!

I could have done without Shawn’s self-blame or Brady focusing on Xander and Chloe and attacking Xander in the middle of Xander’s grief, but otherwise, these scenes were very well done.

But Julie, Maggie wasn’t Victor’s only great love. Caroline was, too.

Christine: I just adored the flashbacks of Justin and Victor. Wally Kurth and John Aniston had a very special chemistry almost from the beginning.

It was also a reminder of how long these actors have known one another and how difficult the loss of John Aniston must be for them.

Chloe rebuffed Brady’s advances and told Belle she was considering accepting Xander’s proposal. Do you hope she does?

Monica: Honestly, I’m having a hard time mustering any enthusiasm at all about Xander’s love life. Neither Chloe’s nor Sarah’s forgiveness seems at all believable considering what he’s done to each in the past.

I was intrigued by Sarah’s appearance in the last scene of the week; looking beautifully pregnant. I wonder what’s in store for us?

Jack: Now that Xander is face-to-face with a pregnant Sarah, no. Chloe’s setting herself up for heartbreak because Xander and Sarah will be back together eventually.

Christine: I used to be a big fan of Xander and Sarah, but now I can’t say that I care.

Yes, Xander has done horrible things, as many have in Salem, and I don’t think Sarah will ever come to terms with that.

Surprisingly, I find myself rooting for Chloe and Xander, as the really do seem to have formed a solid friendship.

Unfortunately, I’m guessing that between Sarah’s pregnancy, and the odds of Philip coming back for Victor’s funeral, the odds of Xander and Chloe remaining a happy couple won’t last long.

Li gifted Gabi and Stefan a clock for their wedding, which is considered bad luck in certain cultures. Do you think this was his way of “putting a clock” on their new marriage, or something more ominous?

Monica: Sorry, but this is another storyline I’m just not interested in anymore. Ok, sure, giving a clock as a gift in Chinese culture is bad luck. But I have more burning questions.

Why did the clock only start ticking after a while and not when Li first gave the box to Gabi? If it’s ticking, is it an old-school wind-up clock, or did Li buy an electric clock that also ticks loudly?

And as an aside, Li’s sweater was giving serious crossing-guard vibes!

Jack: I think it was meant to be a little dig at their marriage; like Li saying congrats, I’ll gloat when it doesn’t last.

But since Camila Banus is exiting Days soon, it probably will end up being a bad omen.

Christine: I fear it’s a bad omen, which is disturbing.

I just hope it means Gabi might have to leave town, not end up the next dead person we hope comes back to life in Salem.

After appearing to do well with his therapy, Shawn spiraled as he blamed himself for Victor’s death. Do you find this repetitive or realistic?

Monica: Ugh, this was so cringy. “For God’s sake, Belle, just leave me alone!” I mean, if the writers want a storyline in which Sean battles serious mental illness, I’m all for it, but this just seems like a guy flying off the handle randomly and inconsistently.

Jack: This was repetitive and unnecessary.

Yes, alcoholics are more likely to slip up when stressed out. But it doesn’t work the way it is always shown on Days where people go from 100% sober to a full-blown practicing alcoholic in five seconds.

What would have been realistic would be for Shawn to struggle for a while, attempt to reach out for help, and then ultimately fail anyway. Immediately slipping back into pushing Belle away and running to the bar is nothing but a repeated beat.

Christine: Considering Shawn hadn’t been in therapy long, I found this more realistic.

Shawn’s been on shaky emotional ground since he shot his father months ago.

And he’s only just been sober, so I can see him turning back to alcohol and pushing Belle away again as he’s mired in self-blame.

What do you think about Abe appointing Paulina to fill in for him as mayor instead of Rawlings?

Monica: Big mistake, of course. Paulina will be her steamrolling self and cause all sorts of trouble. I only hope that Abe can get his memory back before it gets too bad.

I did love Abe’s lines about Rawlings turning Salem into a dictatorship and that “In politics these days, anything is possible!” A comment on current events in the real world, perhaps?

Jack: While I like the idea of Paulina as mayor, this is silly. Jack was mayor for six months with full-blown amnesia. Why can’t Abe resume his duties, other than Rawlings sneering that he can’t?

Christine: Sometimes spouses have stepped into the political role in real life, and Paulina had been elected governor, so it doesn’t seem like this is too ridiculous. And if Paulina and Abe work together behind the scenes, they might make a formidable team against Rawlings.

What annoyed the heck out of you this week in Salem?

Monica: The one-and-done Iceland scenes (can you say “Reykjavík”?). While I did love Leo’s outfit (that rainbow sparkly puffer jacket!), this bedroom comedy was all bedroom and no comedy for me.

Gwen almost finding out about Leo, and Magic P is getting old. Okay, it was fun that Leo’s cover story about a Madonna concert happened on the Queen of Pop’s 65th birthday.

Also (granted, super picky!) for the super nerds: contrary to what Melinda claimed on Monday, Warren G. Harding did not coin the term “normalcy.”

Jack: Why did Dimitri ever think he could get away with booty calls with Leo ON HIS HONEYMOON IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY? Leo’s excuses for why he was there were ridiculous, and if Gwen believes this, she’s stupider than I thought.

I also couldn’t stand Brady this week. Kissing Chloe without permission was bad enough, but then minutes after learning Victor died, he purposely told Xander about it to mark his territory. Gross!

Christine: I love Leo, and I generally find this Leo/Dimitri/Gwen triangle fun, but the Iceland romp just didn’t work, (unless you’re talking about Leo’s outfit, which made me smile.) And why wouldn’t Dimitri and Leo have their tryst in Leo’s room where they wouldn’t be caught?

And Chanel agreeing to go out with Talia. For the love of all that’s holy, can we please make Talia go away already? I’ve really had enough of her.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline in Salem this week?

Monica: There were quite a few this week! If I had to choose one, it was seeing Maggie tap dance in a flashback at the end of Friday’s episode.

Jack: All the tributes to Victor were lovely and heartbreaking. I especially liked Kate and Roman’s conversation about Victor. And I loved Julie’s support of Maggie in this Days of Our Lives quote

Everything that makes you cry today,will comfort you tomorrow, and in years to come will bring you joy.


Every time something like this happens, Julie must realize on some level how lucky she is that Doug is 98 years old and still in good health! 

Maggie’s grief was also well-done. I was afraid they were going to cut it short, but they did it perfectly.

When you say that vow, when you say those words ’til death do us part’ you’re not thinking about the day when that will inevitably happen.


And I’m thrilled that Kate finally called Philip. I don’t care what actor plays him; leaving him out of Victor’s memorial would be an unforgivable sin as far as I’m concerned.

Finally, outside of the Victor stuff, I liked Shawn standing up to Rawlings:

Rawlings: Are you accusing me of abusing my power?
Shawn: I’m not the one throwing around accusations.
Rawlings: I had what that woman did to me on tape!
Shawn: And I have actual assault victims whose cases I’d like to solve. So if you can go and act as mayor while I go and do my job, that would be great.

Christine: It was difficult not to make the comparisson to Doug and Julie. They were Days’ first super couple before the term was coined!

But almost all of Friday’s episode where Victor’s family mourns him was perfect. I can’t wait to go back and watch it again.

And from the promo for next week, it looks like we’re in for more. 

Now it’s your turn, Days fans. Did you have a favorite flashback? Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button down below to share it with us.

Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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