90 Day Fiance Season 10 Trailer: “You’re a Fu–ing Cheater!”


If you thought the 90 Day Fiance franchise was getting a bit long in the tooth, the trailer for the tenth season of the original series is sure to wash those away.

TLC on Tuesday shared the official trailer, cast, and premiere date for the next chapter in the venerable universe.

New episodes begin Sunday, October 8, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Once again, episodes will also drop on Max and Discovery+ after their launch on the linear cable network.

The only repeat couples this season are Gino and Jasmine, with the latter finally arriving in the U.S. to begin the 90-day process.

Unfortunately, it looks like their relationship hits a snag when she finds makeup in Gino’s car and flies way off the handle when he claims to have no recollection of how it got there.

At one point, Jasmine screams, “You’re a fu–ing cheater!” at Gino before declaring that she wants to return home.

“This time around, Jasmine finally arrives in the U.S. after overcoming major hurdles in the visa process back in Panama,” the cabler teases. 

“Will the issues they had being long-distance cease to exist once they are living in the same country together?”

“Will they live happily ever after and make it down the aisle in their 90 day timeframe?

Check out the rest of the casting news below.

Sophie (23, United Kingdom) and Robert (32, California)

When Rob and Sophie first met on social media, the attraction was immediate.

It wasn’t long before they saw each other in person and decided to make their relationship official.

Rob comes from a humble background, while Sophie has enjoyed the finer things in life.

When she comes to the U.S. on the K1 visa to be with Rob, things don’t exactly go as planned when Sophie sees that the conditions, she’s going to be living in with Rob are far from the idyllic Los Angeles life she’d imagined for herself.

Who’s next on the reality TV hit?

Manuel (34, Ecuador) and Ashley (31, New York)

There was no swiping or sliding into DMs for this couple.

Back in 2010, Ashley traveled to Ecuador to study marine biology in college and met Manuel at a New Year’s Eve party.

Attraction between Ashley and Manuel was immediately apparent after they met, and they ended up getting engaged despite their language barrier.

Once Ashley’s schooling ended and it was time for her to head back to the U.S, the couple broke up. A decade later, life brought the two back together and they got engaged again.

Are they finally ready to build a life together?

Nick (30, Australia) and Devin (23, Arkansas)

Adventurous, independent Devin from small-town Arkansas decided to fly solo to Sydney, Australia.

That’s where she met Nick on Tinder, who was born and raised in South Korea but working in Sydney.

They spent three magical weeks together in Sydney before Devin returned home and realized she did not want to live without Nick.

They filed for the K1 Visa, and after two long years of waiting, Nick finally arrived in the states.

Nick finds that it’s not so easy to overcome cultural differences in small town America and deal with Devin’s large but opinionated family.

Justin (36, Moldova) and Nikki (47, New Jersey)

Seventeen years ago, Nikki and Justin met on a dating site in Moldova. Justin proposed to Nikki and ended up coming to the states on a K1 visa.

Nikki had been holding back a secret and things took a turn when Nikki decided that Justin was not quite mature enough.

The couple broke up and Justin returned to Moldova. Nikki identifies as transsexual, and it took years for Justin to accept Nikki as she truly is.

They returned to each other’s lives almost two decades later, and this time, Nikki knows exactly what she wants. They’ve agreed to start fresh and be completely honest with each other…but will they truly be able to start from a clean slate?

Who else is looking for love on the TLC hit?

Anali (26, Peru) and Clayton (29, Kentucky)

Anali and Clayton met through a language app two years ago and have only spent a few weeks together in-person.

Anali is struggling to learn English as she’s moving in with Clayton and his mother. Anali learns Clayton’s mother has no plans to move out anytime soon.

Will the fiery tempers and personalities of the two women in the house be too much to handle for Clayton?

Citra (26, Indonesia) and Sam (30, Missouri)

Sam and Citra met through a dating app two years ago and on his first visit to Indonesia to meet Citra, he proposed. Before they can marry, Sam must receive her father’s blessing and the family’s acceptance.

Time is not on their side as Citra and her father will travel to the US to meet Sam so they can get the official blessing, but they have less than two weeks before her father travels back to Indonesia.

Will Citra’s family allow her to commit to Sam after learning about his sordid past and background or will her father take her back home with him? The clock is ticking on this love story.

Check out the promo below.

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