Wilderness Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The Other Women


What did you do, Liv?

Liv has taken her lumps over the weeks since she found out her husband was a fraud, and while she had some murderous thoughts, she refrained from fully going THERE. Until now.

Wilderness Season 1 Episode 2 saw Liv hit the point of no return. She’s officially got a body to her name.

Liv is so diabolical, but she keeps it under wraps and is a terrific actress, unlike Will, who might as well have cheater stamped across his forehead.

When Cara made her slow-motion entrance, Will lost about ten years off his life, while Liv looked like she’d genuinely never seen that woman before in her life.

Cara and Garth’s appearance clearly wasn’t something Will expected, and when he’s put out or doesn’t feel like he has a grasp on a situation, his demeanor changes, and he shrinks in on himself.

It’s always so fascinating to see people who are so used to being in control lose it and then struggle to course correct.

Once again, the flashback came into play when we discovered that Liv decided to dig into Cara, and it was more than just a late-night deep dive on social media.

I don’t know exactly how Liv could track down Cara as easily as she did, but I guess she’s a girl who lives her life online—tagging this spot and the next until you leave a digital footprint and then others can find themselves in your precise rather quickly.

It didn’t seem like Liv was necessarily trying to catch Cara and Will in the act by following her around the city all day, but she was trying to get a feel for her. Most likely, she was trying to figure out who Cara was and why Will was so willing to throw away what they had for her.

But her foray into stalking didn’t really give way too many answers outside of the fact that Cara was leading a busy life.

If she was trying to figure out what Will saw in her, there’s no way she got any valid answers while watching her dance from across the room.

Ruining their middle-of-the-night hookup was a temporary win for Liv, but it didn’t amount to anything in the long run. Cara still felt comfortable calling his hotel room to complain and infiltrating their entire vacation.

Cara: Wow, it is really crazy bumping into you guys here.
Liv: That’s one word for it.

Liv continued to have zero shame in wanting to hike alongside Cara and Garth and casually sitting by and watching Cara and Will interact without losing her mind.

If the phone call during Wilderness Season 1 Episode 1 wasn’t proof enough that Cara was head over heels, then all their interactions throughout this hour should have been.

She sprinted into action when Will messed up his leg while Liv looked on with nary an emotion on her face.

You could see Liv become more and more checked out throughout the hour as the realities of the situation hit her or were more or less thrust into her face.

They’ve thrown in little tidbits about Liv and Will’s upbrings to try and help us understand why they’re the way they are, and with Will, it’s evident that his was an upbringing where a lot was expected of him.

He fought back against Liv’s earlier assertion that he was like her father, probably because he doesn’t actually see himself that way. He’s staying with Liv and trying to make it right while Liv’s father cut and ran from the family.

He must have defied his family in some way by choosing Liv, and it sounds like he’d rather die than admit they were right about something and make himself look like someone who made the wrong choice.

Does he love Liv? Maybe he does, but he’s much more in love with the idea of her than anything else. She’s someone who supports him and takes care of him, but he’s completely overwhelmed with feeling like he’s wholly responsible for her happiness.

Will does a great job of trying to manipulate the crap out of Liv during their argument at the hotel. Doing everything from sticking to his ‘it was only one time’ lie to acting like he wants her to move on for her own sake and not his own.

He’s very good at what he does, making women feel like he’s right. But if he knew how much Liv knew, he’d realize how dumb he sounded throughout.

His tactics may have worked on the old Liv, but not this one, who saw what he was trying to do. She picked up on his reluctance to say he was staying with her because he loved her, but instead, because he was fulfilling an obligation he made.

Seeing how he is with Liv, I’d be curious to see what he’s done with Cara to make her so willing to blow up her own life for him.

He has a knack for making women feel seen and protected, even while lying to them. Cara got a front-row seat to him with his wife and even shared personal things with Liv, only to still want to risk it all for a man who whisked his wife away to save their marriage while previously telling you post-coital he was ready to leave.

Cara presents as a little aloof, but she’s not a nasty person on the surface. She’s been put under Will’s web, much like Liv’s was, but you can’t feel sorry for someone knowingly causing so much harm.

She struggles with self-worth and feels she can’t be more than people expect her to be. Will’s obviously given her the confidence to do so, but it’s all just a façade, really. Will’s not a good person and certainly not worthy of these women’s allegiance.

Cara tearfully apologized to Liv, and still turned around and wanted to run off into the sunset with Will the next minute, everything else be dammed.

The end of the hour played out like a true mystery, leaving us to wonder who Liv pushed over the edge. She thought it was Will, right?

She’d been daydreaming about killing him for days, so she saw his jacket and went with it. But seeing as we never saw their face, it would make sense for it to be Cara.

While it wouldn’t shock the audience for it to be Cara, it would undoubtedly be an intriguing twist because it turns this whole narrative upside down.

Where does Will now stand if his mistress is dead by his wife’s hand?

Odds and Ends

  • Ash has been a very tertiary character thus far, but I’m willing to bet that with whatever comes next, Liv uses Ash’s feelings toward her to help her deal with whatever fallout is sure to follow.
  • That hotel they were all staying at was IMMACULATE.
  • Cara bopping along in the car while Liv and Will were crammed in the back, hating life was visually amazing.
  • Did Garth really not pick up on ANY of the tension throughout that long-ass day?
  • Cara was out there hiking with all that exposed skin, no backpack, and not a care in the world. It was just all vibes for her.
  • Will continues to be the worst cheater of all time, leaving any and all devices all over for Liv to find. It’s not even a challenge for her to snoop.

There’s very little chance whoever was pushed survived that fall, so hop in the comments and let me know who you think was the unlikely victim!

Were you surprised Liv was actually willing to kill Will?

It’s your time to shine in the comments, fanatics!

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