Dak Prescott’s leg tattoo, explained: The story behind Cowboys star’s 11-hour masterpiece


Dak Prescott has magic in his legs.

He may not be the most fluid of runners — Prescott has netted just two rushing touchdowns in his last two seasons.

But his pegs are artful. They’re canvases, full of color, vigor and plenty of sketches holding meaning to the two-time Pro Bowler.

Prescott unveiled his intricately-designed leg sleeve in the spring. It has captured much of the football world’s eye; every inch is dedicated to an important figure in Prescott’s life. Some are family members. Others are symbols of athletic excellence. Either way, Prescott has one of the more sentimentally-charged pieces of body art you’ll ever see.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dak Prescott’s leg tattoo, explained

Prescott’s latest piece of ink is perhaps his most meaningful. It certainly required the most extensive work; Prescott was put under sedation during his session, which lasted more than 11 hours.

The ink, designed by Arizona-based tattoo artist Andres Ortega, is a mosaic of all sorts of emblems that hold special meaning to Prescott. Scrawled across the entirety of his right leg, Ortega brings Prescott’s familial history to life. He captures a pair of images dedicated to two especially significant members of Prescott’s family; his late mother, Peggy, is represented by a Pegasus, while his late brother, Jace, is memorized with a moose drawing.

Also represented on Prescott’s leg are all-time athletes (Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant), famous locales (the Dallas skyline, Pine Creek Estates, the mobile park home he grew up at) and even Daffy Duck, who is shown performing Prescott’s signature celebration with Marilyn Monroe in the background.

A former Walter Payton Award Winner, Prescott has always been a sentimental person. He brandishes those sentimentalities openly on his skin, all thanks to Ortega’s artistic vision.

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